• Faeyriel

    “First” bwahahahahhahahaahahahha But i do enjoy the new layout! -Faeyriel

  • Gecko_Gaming

    “Second” bwahahahahhahahaahahahha Do hate that it’s a bit off center though… ­čśŤ

  • Phoebe Tranile

    Now I should reread the entire comic with the new layout

  • HellhoundMutt

    Ah, where it all began….
    I’m kinda interested to see how they’re gonna redo the rest of the older pages of the chapters.

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  • LuckyIcecube

    You can even see the little lines on his nose…. ­čśÇ

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  • Jade

    so far, so good

  • Vash the Stampede

    Looks pretty Groovy

  • Shai

    Where do I read the other volumes?

    • Random Answerer

      There’s only one volume up at the moment.
      They’re working on updating it and preparing it for printing!

  • hero

    so realistic!

  • Narration. *Ding!*
    Origin Story *Ding!*

    Sin count: 2

    • Shop Dog

      now who’s turning into cinema sins.

    • BonBonnie

      Are you ComicSins? Because you forgot something…. This page does not contain a lap dance. *Ding!*

  • Melanie

    Good god look at the gorgeous cover

  • BushyxTail

    I remember YEARS ago I would read this, but eventually stopped. So I am giving it another go! ­čśÇ

  • Apprilifess

    Hi this looks good came to it off some fan art by NatalieDeCorsair on DA . The art looks terrific hope it’s as good as Asmunder! I shall savour it slowly like a rare wine.(if I have the discipline )not likely if it gets reeely good!