• Nick Lopez

    Love the glowing stones.

  • Anyone just feel like Hati’s being rather…..sinister looking?

  • Shop Dog

    i still sad the comments reset here and we lost the last 5+ yers of a great community.

    • The comments are archived in Disqus, albeit a slightly differently titled web address (lacking a hyphen between “off” and “white”)
      It’s best to find the oldest comments from users and start from there, since the archive of the old prologue seems to have been titled differently.

  • NightwingTheCat


  • Bits and Pieces

    Again the art work is exquisite….it feels I’ve seen drafts of this somewhere many years ago…but where…

  • Shady unidentified character cliche *Ding!*

    Sin count: 5

  • Lucario Mega

    Hmm… Hati eyes look so sad…

  • disqus_f06SBEhond