• Shadify

    oh-oh! I see a bad layer on the sea oo’

    • Nick Lopez


  • Spiritstrike

    I’ve been doing some research and I realised that the horse and the fox are brother spirits because of a little short story regarding an old horse no longer being of service to his master and the fox helped prove himself by having him take a lion back. I do not know of anything else regarding the Hawk and the Snake or the Elk and the Spider.

    • Anonymous Guest

      I have a feeling that the hawk and the snake are together because of the origin story of the Aztec capital. The Aztecs had been told that their city would be founded where they would see a hawk devouring a snake while sitting atop a cactus. When they did find the hawk and the snake, that’s where they began to build their city. The legend still lives today through the flag of Mexico.

      • Jennifer Elkhorn

        Elk and spider is one of Apache legends.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, it’s my first time to read your post. Sorry. I just understand a little. Do you thought it was Yggdrasil in the panel it looks like similar?

  • Jade

    ok…this is kinda confuzzleing