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    Oh, wow this is beautiful.

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    <3 Amazing art

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    ah heck I’m hyped

  • Ahhhhhh I’ve been waiting SO long!! :0

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    It’s so amazing, that i have no words.

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    My favorite comic I thank the creators will not change it for anything continue like this (I love skoll and hati) XD


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    Thank you for starting volume two

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    I cannot wait to see these new adventures! 😀

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    hypothetically speaking of course… :’D

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    Hati, you sexy beast!!

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    This story is going to take a darker turn.

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    cheese and crackers, batman!! 😮 this is officially my favorite thing ever. I especially love the fur detail and how you can really see the flow of it all. It’s almost lifelike, but it still has that paint-y feel, which makes it so much better

    (also, replacing the blue links, usernames & scary mouth wolf’s eyes to red was a super noice touch woah)


    • Nick Lopez

      Yip. ^^

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  • Rookamillion
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    Damn this just looks so amazing..

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    • I will never see a more accurate gif.

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    The wait was so worth it! Look at those details!

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    This is awesome…. @_@

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    Oohhhh i cant wait

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    Hooooo boy, I am so friggin’ pumped right now! Finally it has begun! XD
    I love the parallels between the blue cold icy colors of the Volume 1 cover and the warm red fiery colors of this one… Its so gorgeous. <3

    I can't wait to see what this volume has in store for us. Keep up the wonderful work, you three!

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    Holy cow I looooove all the little details put into everything….everything being red instead of blue and even the contrast of this cover to the one of Iki/Sköll like WOW that’s a cool touch

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      Nice. ^^

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    oh sweet

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    Oh my… This is just… And the red color omfg

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  • i hope the links dont stay a bright red forever and get dimmed down a little more. causes some strain on the eye after a bit. :v

    • Everything that was blue on the webpage for the first volume seems to be red for this volume. I made a comment above about it.

      • i know, but unlike blue, reds a aggressive color and can strain the eyes after staring at it too long, especially a bright red.

        but it can be helped by dimming it a bit so its darker, or a little washed out.

        • it’s quite dim to me. Maybe it’s your screen that is messing with the colours or something like that

          • probably, i keep it on some high brightness.

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      It’s pretty dim to me.

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    I am so excited for this comic. I’ve been following it for years, and I’ve always checked regularly for updates because it’s just so amazing, both art and plot-wise! I truly admire what you guys do. Kudos to to. <3

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    Holy OMG. ^^

    As soon as Volume 2 hit’s Deviantart it’s getting it’s own folder in my favorite’s section. ^^

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    I can’t even describe it in words. God your art. so amaizing. *ogling*

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    I’m screaming with joy right now.

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    It’s here!

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  • Meme

    Oh i just noticed the thing on the side of the website has red eyes o-o was that there before?

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  • finally we see favorite wolfy in his full glory!

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    Your names sound like Polish or somewhere near at least. Any ralatives here? 🙂

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      Yup, the authors are Polish girls, they even worked on The Witcher 3

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  • I like the slight change in the color theme of the webpage from the first volume to the second. I can see the coloration. The first volume was all about Iki. So the theme was blue. This one is red, so I bet Hati is going to be the focus of this volume. It’s a subtle thing, but I like it.

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    Notice how everything is now red I have a felling that hati my be the one leading this time. ( other words ) he hunts for iki being that he goes local/ captured. But that’s just a guess lol.

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    And it looks amazing! So hyped to see the next installment of the story 😀

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    I have no words to describe how much I dreamt this cover! *w*

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    this looks great

  • I want this as phone BG

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      I want this as a freaking poster

  • Yiiiiiiiiiip, Volume II is here!!!
    All about the red dog in the city~! Possibly setting fires

    Where is our precious Hugin and Munin???

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    Glorious!!!!!!! I waited for months!

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    Finally! Congratulations and hope the comic becoming better! 😀




    its here its here YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY I HAVE WAITED DAY AND NIGHT AND FINALLY ITS HERE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a30909b2c2e44b4f4cc5a5356bcfb1887f20d9cb804201748b056170f5f1e91.jpg






    um what happened to kik and the side use to be blue why is it red?

  • Ichimatsu Matsuno

    HUZZAH THE BEGINNING OF VOLUME 2, I can’t wait to see Embla and more of Seven.

    • Rookamillion

      It’s all about that glorious Fab. XD

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  • Catarina Neto

    That is some gorgeous looking piece of art.
    Cant wait for the 1st volume to be redone so i can grab myself a printed copy

  • Artista

    Very dark for a cover. We can expect to see the comic taking a darker turn. In contrast to the first cover, a bright sun, we now have a moon within the shattered glass. The moon is covered by shadow, which means the days are going to get shorter. Hati might appear inside the city, hunting for Skoll. Clearly, he’s not going to give two f***s about about damaging the city as long as Skoll gets killed. I think Hati is going to take on a more evil-like side, especially since he doesn’t care much for his brother species, humans. It’s quite a contrast between Hati and Skoll’s covers.

    Skoll was more calm in his cover, and Hati looks like the Devil’s pet. That grin. This cover just screams edgy shit is about to go down. Glass, flames, and a creepy grin, is all you need. As others have stated, Hati will probably be more of the center of attention. Which makes it interesting because we don’t know much about him, except that he’s the brooding wolf and has only a couple of birds for companions and he sits at some ancient place watching romantic sunsets with longing eyes. Probably waiting for that one she-wolf to come.

    In the earlier chapters, Hati threatened to eradicate Skoll’s earthly life. I’m going to guess that this means Raigho as well. It’s even more juicy of a conflict because they’re bothers in this life. Wait, does that make Iki/Skoll is Raigho’s spiritual older brother? FAMILY FEUD!!!! Asdfasdfs…..

    Anyway, all-in-all this is going to be a very intersting volume. And hopefully some important questions will be answered like:

    Will Seven and Albert get together?
    Will the Beanie have it’s revenge?
    Is Fehu going to be a believer in the old legends?
    Will we continue to see the derpness that is Iki?
    Will Gebo find his place in the pack and prove himself to Raigho that he is a man?

    Find out in Volume 2: “Where’s My Derpy Wolfie?”

  • Jocelyn

    This is sort of “out there” but I work at RightStuf Anime, we sell a lot of manga/novels ect. and honestly I would love to see if we could carry this as a manga series for people to buy as an actual book to read in hand, you can’t tell me people wouldn’t buy this. I would buy a copy myself. =)

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    I would by one too.

  • Casually mentions that it was said the first character to appear in Volume 2 is Tankreon’s favourite character

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    Question: when we lost volume 2 come out?

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    • Artista

      You know what they say, red is sexy.

  • rhez

    Ooh, I just noticed: nice subtle change of interface. Everything that was once blue in Vol 1 is now red in Vol 2. 😮

  • Fantastic job on this cover. It’s awesome. And congrats on starting Volume 2!

    So uh, Hati whatcha cooking over there, huh? Some dogs?

  • Little Red Hatihood off to deliver goods to grandma. Nothing suspicious going on here, nuh uh! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/923ab2265bd883d3df43e7da291a3fd2ee0594b419e0b3dc57a67d5dd9d77a6f.jpg

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      • Hey, Rook. How you been??

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          I’ve been good man, just attending college and being a general bum. The usual. XD

          • Hey, God loves you. You’ve got purpose man, destiny.

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      MY SENPAI!

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    • Gehn, you never cease to entertain and amaze.

    • the mighty lord has returned bow all before him!

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      hey there little red ridding hood
      i dont think thats a bit girl should be
      walking around in the spooky old woods alone..

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    Where do we read volume 2

  • :0!! Love it! So realistic looking!! I can’t wait!

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    That…Is going up…On my wall.

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    I think i’ve been waiting since… 2013? So I’ve been pretty patient! Excited to see what happens

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    5 years ive been reading this

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    Finally, FINALLY!

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    OMG It’s look too good! I love it! GIVE ME MORE!

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    Such beautiful art and fantastic story! Cannot wait for more =)

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      “beautiful and fantastic”… easy there… it is filled with so much madness and insanity and ignorance X3

      The way they tell it is awesome.

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    beautiful artwork, but come on, hurry up with the story. You are leaving us in dispense. LOL

    • Aly

      I think you mean “suspense”. ^~^ Dispense means to distribute.

      • Ryen Bally

        Oh, sorry, that’s what I meant, thank you, but seriously stop keeping us in suspense. I am looking forward to the love scene between the white wolf with blue marks on him and that other wolf

        • You mean Iki and Kaya.. :3

          • Ryen Bally

            Yes those are the ones, I think

          • Peridactyl

            maybe you should spend some of the waiting time rereading lol

  • OceanMan

    Hmm, maybe this will bode well for certain other haituses I’m waiting on….

    Glad to see the story continue, and even happier to see Hati again <3

  • Creo Is Out

    I just realized the letters on the website turned red when you click on
    the cover of the volume 2, NEAT !

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  • Olga Kuznetsova

    Oh, fav character *_* awesome!

  • Rookamillion

    I patiently await the return of the Holy Fab.

    • Artista

      There. A red arrow to go with your red-letter name. 😉

  • Ellen the winged wolf

    if you’ve read vol 1 then you may have noticed the messed up wolf thing on the side of the page. in vol 1 it was blue but now in vol 2 its red btw all the name tags are red now too

    • Peridactyl

      and the menus glow red when you hover your mouse over them

  • Ellen the winged wolf
  • Gage Geigle

    Ooh! Is it Hati’s time to shine?

  • Аня Арсенина

    Hi! If you don’t mind, I tried to make a short animation. It’s quick, but I did my best: https://youtu.be/L-V820Y1U2o

    • Rookamillion

      I love Jera’s facial movements.

      • Аня Арсенина

        Thanks =D

    • well done be proud 🙂

      • Аня Арсенина

        Thank you!

    • Artista

      Even if it’s rough, it’s great work. It’s smooth and flows well. I can imagine how much work when into that 180 turn near the end.

      • Аня Арсенина

        Thanks. Honestly, Jera’s face and paws were the most difficult.

    • Artista

      I wonder, what if you slowed down the camera spin by a three seconds? Might make it look more dramatic.

      • Аня Арсенина

        I tried doing it and it looked a bit too slow. I probably should have made more frames. Thank you.

  • Blue
    • Marietsloth

      Hi Fern, it’s kind of rude to advertise yourself on someone’s comic unless asked about it! It’s kinda like going to a comic creator’s comments section and rather than giving them feedback just telling people to read your comic instead. I know that wasn’t the intention but it’s kind of what it sounded like! A better way would be to advertise on DA (not on other people’s pages, just like post promo art or something).

      • Blue

        I’m not the only one who does it, actually. I’m one of several, posting to pass the time until he next page is released.

        • true me included

        • Marietsloth

          I think just because a lot of people do it doesn’t mean it’s right :0 I totally know a lot of people do it, but I can’t talk to them all if I have an actual life.
          But I think a better way to pass time is to maybe make friends here and go somewhere else to talk and not spam up the authors’ inboxes with unrelated content. I do understand a lot of people don’t have social media/ aren’t allowed by their parents to have it so they use the comments, but it’s rude to not even love the comic as much as they do the comment section.
          (But I actually like your art though! Though I’m not encouraging this type of advertisement).

          • there was a forums, but it died and was removed due to barely any activity on it.

          • Marietsloth

            Yeah, I know! (Except about why it was removed.)
            It would have probably been better (imo) if y’all talked there instead. But I don’t think there really is much I can do now except maybe ask for you guys to do it somewhere else.

          • maybe this just isint the community for you and you should go someplace else?

            its not gonna change, so take it as is or go someplace else with your negative attitude about the community here. :

          • Rather difficult for everyone to move over to one other section to establish a “community”.
            Sure, it’s out of place and unexpected to do this sort of thing in the comments section, but without a forum, there is no place to do it. Setting up an alternate location would be inconvenient for most of the users here since it’s likely not all of them will go on to that alt.
            I think mainly the reason the forum died (just my opinion) is its inconvenient for some people to go onto a forum, or sign up. It’s a lot easier for people to just use the comments section, and while there are those that disagree with that, it’s what happened. (The artists are cool with it)
            It’s just much easier for everyone and a general consensus this is what it is. (At least I think so)
            So, for your information, I sincerely believe that no one will do it anywhere else, for long. They will be commenting here on topic for a few days, but the inevitability comes when people who can only reach each other on here want to chat around. It might not be ‘right’, but if the authors allow it, well, then it’s going to happen.
            Also, is it seriously really immature to want to have multiple communities? Is it that infallible to be a part of more than one? There are ones out in the physical world, and those online. Online connects on a far wider scale and it’s far easier to find those with similar interests, many here being all over the world. I try to be polite, but there is a need for one to recognize what era we live in.

          • Rookamillion

            Forums: Nvr4gotten

          • Marietsloth

            I get your point :0
            I think it would be better to have friends irl, but that’s just my opinion. I do recognize we’re not without technology, but what I also recognize people have been naturally social (except introverts/ambiverts) so it’s better to stay that way. As I said, I do get the limitations.
            Yeah, you sound polite enough, so don’t worry about that!
            Also lol at y’all other people, what negative attitude? Tell me what words I said that are negative, and do ignore my exclamation points.
            But yeah I’m not saying you should stop if the artists don’t like it, I’m saying it really is kind of impolite to self advertise on someone’s comic :0 The origional point of this conversation was actually about self-advertising, not about a community. I’m ok with communities.
            Also please don’t respond after this comment. I don’t want to deal with my opnion getting bashed rather than me understanding your opinions and you bashing mine. I liked how comment sections were about discussing, not beating people up for their opinions (but for the guy I’m responding to just ignore this, I think you were respectful and kind, with good arguments)!

          • “but I can’t talk to them all if I have an actual life.”
            “I seriously think the idea of a community is stupid,”
            ” it’s rude to not even love the comic as much as they do the comment section.”
            “It’s really immature because if they want a community, why don’t they just go outside and actually make friends?”
            ” I find that a lot of the things said here are immature and just point
            to the chosen-to-be-antisocial and immature person that I used to be.”

            its also wrong for people to come in and assume what the authors want. theres been a big argument before about self advertisement and the authors themselves came down and said its no big deal.

            and again, if it was they could easily delete the self advertisement, give a warning and thats, that. or ban eventually if they wish.

          • Rookamillion

            Convo’s getting spicy.

            Here everybody, let this gif of a lobster bring peace among you.


          • the peace lobster is here! all we need now is jewish gebo

          • Artista

            Just no….

          • Rookamillion

            Just yes!

          • I understand your belief that being social, physical presence is preferred.
            However, I realize how others interpret what some things you say in the immediate gives out an impression.
            What I feel others are reading, (excuse me if this is not everyone’s view), that saying “I think it would be better to have friends irl”, would be a rude assumption that indirectly states “you people do not have any friends in real life”.
            However, it can just as well be interpreted as “irl friends are more preferable to online friends” (which really is a fine opinion).
            I can’t speak for everyone, each interprets what they read differently. (Although I regularly re-read and re-interpret conversations online, compared to irl, so that benefited me)
            Such is the way of socializing and language. Can’t reaaaaally know for sure exactly what one truly means in My opinion.

          • Deluge

            So you’re saying that we people here don’t care or love about the comic rather focusing more on the Com. Sec? *Sigh* (Great… Just came back for a month for this comic suddenly ruined my day hahahaha xD….) *Slow-clap*

            You’re joking right?

          • Kuiort

            I think that by some comments (not all), there are more things that suggest that there is more love from the comment section focusing on other things than love focusing on the comment. Marietsloth didn’t say that people don’t care about the comic, rather they like the comment section more than the comic. It’s possible to like both, just one more than the other.
            I think you’re being somewhat dramatic to say that your day was ruined. Marietsloth should be allowed to have his/her own opinion, and you should too. But I think that Marietsloth should be made feel bad for sharing his/her opinion.

      • Artista

        I understand where you’re coming from. But the self-advertising has been going on for years now. It happens mainly when there hasn’t been an update in several weeks and all the talk about the page and story is expired thus far. The criticisms and critiques of OFF-WHITE’s content have been pointed out by then, too. The Girls check the comment section every now and then in a hunt for trolls and indecent material. They’ve never taken down self-promo art. Given this, it’s likely they aren’t bothered by it. If they were, I am sure they would have said something about it. And a number of us have given out our dA pages in past comment sections. But because fans check the site for new comments and discussions more than the actual content, it’s easier to use the section to immediately connect to them, many of which have been on here for years.

      • I get your point, but you can’t treat Off-White like DA. I understand it looks rude to advertise your comic on people’s work, but this is literally a community. The comment section is like a waiting room with ships, theories, gifs, blatant nonsense which is also funny, random videos, more gifs, art, and self-advertising is not excluded. It’s not the first time someone does it and I bet you an imaginary dollar that it won’t be the last.

      • Kuiort

        I agree. The comment section was (most likely) originally meant to be for commenting about the actual comic, not for commenting about oneself; in my opinion, advertising yourself on a comic section is a bit like being at someone’s convention table and then saying to people visiting that table, “This table is rad, but you should check out my table!” I find it rude and it takes focus off of what the original purpose of that table was. In my opinion that’s extremely annoying, I don’t like the fact that the comment section is a “community” where everyone is okay with taking focus off of what the comment section was meant for.
        I don’t really understand the argument, “It’s been going on for years!” because it isn’t really a good argument. Just because something goes on for years doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, i.e, war.
        I find that this comment section is really immature, but that’s my personal opinion.

        • the authors have also pointed out they are fine with it. if they wernt they would have removed all the self advertisement and warned everybody not to, ages ago.

          • Kuiort

            If the authors have pointed out they are ok with it, I support them in that! I don’t think that my opinion is the absolute right one, and of course isn’t the opinion that should rule the cite.
            I understand that advertising other comics help spread Off-White’s existence, but in my opinion it’s more relevant if both comics are some how tied together in the comment in question.

        • Marietsloth

          Ahhh I’m glad you understand ;;
          I seriously think the idea of a community is stupid, especially since it’s full of unrelated memes and unrelated conversation. It’s really immature because if they want a community, why don’t they just go outside and actually make friends? I find that a lot of the things said here are immature and just point to the chosen-to-be-antisocial and immature person that I used to be. The “it’s been going on for years!” argument doesn’t make it right. There’s so much of it it’s practically impossible for the artists to do anything.
          But yeah, I totally agree with you!

    • Rookamillion

      Looks great!

      • Blue

        Thank you!

    • Artista

      Holy Shit! You made these? You have a good grasp of color theory and composition. I dig the last two, a lot.

      • Blue

        Thank you so much ;w;

    • I never clicked the watch button so fast.

      • Blue

        Thank you!

    • Deluge


      • Blue

        Thank you so much <3

    • Alisa Keskinen

      Love it!! <3

      • Blue

        Ahhh thank you!

    • I think I saw your work in a MAP I saw today… called I am the Voice?
      (So darn awesome)

      • Blue

        Yes, I was indeed in that Map! Thank you so much <3

    • Aaron Mallett

      DUUudddeee this makes me want to keep in touch with you (I’m horrible at drawing/art)

      • Blue

        Thank you! And naww, it just takes practice and patience!

  • Marietsloth

    hh this is super nice!! Like that glass?? And that color transition?? AND THE FUR WHO LET

    • Marietsloth

      The website layout is super neat too, why did I forget that?

  • Shop Dog

    chuck berry died. losing our rockers by the week these days

  • Аня Арсенина

    I don’t know why but I like Hati’s legs here.

  • Kayla Feddema

    I can’t wait

  • Graham Taylor

    Is Volume 2 coming out in separate chapters or all together?

    • 1 page at a time when they can.

    • Ven

      The updates will work the same as in first chapter – one page at the time.
      We will be alternating between a chapter from Volume 2, and a redo Chapter from Volume 1 🙂

      • Graham Taylor


  • Ryen Bally

    This is just me, but I would love to see more scenes with iki and kaya, or skoll and kaya? I think that she might just be able to turn him around, love can change a person, or in this case a wolf, but that is just me. Anyways, keep up the good work, and I hope you update soon

    • Ryen Bally

      What does upvoted mean exactly

      • Rookamillion

        It means they like your statement.

        • Ryen Bally

          thank you

          • Rookamillion

            You’re welcome 🙂

  • Peridactyl
  • Graham Taylor

    When do they start uploading pages for Volume 2?

  • Aaron Mallett

    Yuusss *sees no pages(yet)* Shhhiittt (my train of thought exactly) (also cover is badass)

  • Spiritstrike

    I’m ready! I’m ready!

  • Wolfie

    that’s amazing <3

  • a23spyro

    I’m so sick of the PC culture that fucked up our world today. I’m currently working on a comic in private, showing my friend some pages here and there. Suddenly, she says to me one day at work “You should be careful on what you put in your comic. There are people out there that throw-up at the site of the tiniest amount of violence, as much as an incident of somebody flicking someone behind the ear”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I said to her “go to the webcomic Off White and tell me if there’s anyone in the comment section dictating to the creators on what they should or shouldn’t put in their comic.” I was so mad to the point that I don’t even want to show her my comic anymore because of pandering to the 0.0000000000000001% of people with this weird allergy. What’s next? I hope this isn’t affecting the creators of this comic. I enjoy this comic the way it is and I hope it turns out alright for the creators

    • Here are the disqus accounts of the authors.
      You may scroll through the authors’ comments. Take it how you may. 🙂

      ……it seems most of the relevant comments do not appear on disqus. They must’ve disappeared when they nuked the old site. I could bring up the archives, but it will take a long time to scroll through all the comments…

    • Aaron Mallett

      piece of advice: I would give 0 shits about those no violence people.

      • a23spyro

        I know. But what I don’t understand is it’s not coming from her directly, it’s coming from her pandering for a person that I will probably never meet! The chances of that person seeing my comic is 0… AND… she really liked the prologue and gave me some advice on how to make the artwork stand out more. To hear her saying I should rip-off carebears just to make some random person feel better, brakes my heart and she’s a goth!

        Thank you for the advice though.

    • Ven

      Rest assured things like this have no effect on Off-White 🙂 You will never create a work that everyone likes and agrees with, it’s just impossible. People have different experiences, likes, dislikes, fears, hopes. If the artists’ goal is to create a work that everyone likes they are going to have a bad time. Create the work you want to create, there will surely be people who love it, there will be those who don’t and that’s normal 🙂

      • a23spyro

        Thank you very much! I needed that

      • Artista

        Motivational quote of the month!

    • Teyuga

      If anything, I think violence is getting more popular in movies/shows. Look at the popularity of things like Game of Thrones, Deadpool, and Logan. Just recently I finished watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They’re very gory but I don’t hear anybody complaining. Don’t worry about what one girl thinks.

      • deadpool and wolverine have been around for a looong while now though and been pretty popular. just in comic form mainly and only gaining in movies since the companys are setting up the players for all the avengers/ justice league/ XMEN/ and any cross overs.

        tv shows maybe, there have always been true crime shows or something along the lines of CSI or dexter. now however we got shows like walking dead along side GOT. most complaining i see is the horror as people see there fav character die. XD

        • Teyuga

          I mean it just now getting popular and making it to the big screen. The makers of Deadpool were worried about how it was gonna go over cause it was one of the first R-rated Marvel movies. Logan is completely different from previous X-men movies. It’s much more gory and realistic. I just noticed that in the movie theater. It’s by far the best X-men/Wolverine movie made. I cried my eyes out at the end though.

          Dexter scares the crap out of me. Watched one episode but it freaked me out. Completely fine with Game of Thrones and Walking Dead though.

    • Artista

      That’s kinda what happened to Oomizuao. She only has 15 chapters of her story published, but even she said that the story felt more ‘foreign’ because she was considering everyone else’s opinions on what should happen. She had to scrap everything and go back to the basics. Her story is going a lot better, production-wise and from what she writes, is flowing pretty well.
      The girls do a great job remaining consistent with their vision for the comic. Granted, I’d say the vision has dulled since they’ve been working on the smashing Witcher 3 and Gwent card game. But hey, priorities.

    • Shop Dog

      like how air lines aren’t supposed to hire too many attractive flight attendants now days because ugly women might get offended. i say bring the ladies back i don’t want to stare at some ugly fat plumbers crack in the isle for 11 hours. if we cant have leg room at least give us that.

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    As we all wait for the next page wouldn’t it be nice to have something to keep ourselves entertained. Then here’s a possibility. Zip on over to deviantart and see the reboot of BBA. Update’s are about once a week.

    http://kayfedewa.deviantart.com/gallery/60096548/BBA-2016-Comic-Pages https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/95408258d8da4b27df5e5d0e61f55d6dfb6dbf84c935560c5e70125a6509de8e.jpg

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    Does anyone have any prediction about Gebo in this volume? What do you all think will happen? Will he reach a breaking point given the crap he put up with last volume? How do you think his character will change?

    • Pilot

      That’s a good question.. Honestly I’m not sure about Gebo. I hope he at least has a bigger role and becomes more certain of who he is to himself and others.

    • I’m curious as to how his relationship with Raigho and Fehu is going to unfold. I imagine there’s still going to be some tension about Gebo leaving the pack, so I’d like go see something related to that.

    • Anon

      I wrote a couple responses on mid volume one pages on this sort of, I’m really curious too. 🙂 I definitely predict tension between him and Raigho, and Iki isn’t really there to distract him this time if it gets heated. I assume the pack will be looking for Iki, maybe in collaboration with Hati (if he tells him via Hugin or dreams), and Gebo seems really close with Iki, so I see a larger role. Didn’t really think about him reaching a breaking point… he’s been super passive the whole story so far, and that would be an interesting change. What do you think of Fehu’s words to Iki about not doing anything about Raigho’s secretive/aggressive behavior “YET”? Do you think rebellion could come into the pack, or it will take more back seat to the current issues?

      • the plot thickens didn’t even know you had one

      • Artista

        Jeez this is late!
        Anyways. I don’t think Hati will collaborate with the Pack to find Iki. It wouldn’t make sense for Hati to find Skoll, except to kill him. He’s already threatened to destroy Skoll’s new life and ‘happy family’. And Riagho now possess the Spirit Eye, so Raigho can track him. Thinking back to what Archbishop Fab said towards the end about Skoll, “allowing” himself to get capture so easily, I inference that Skoll wants to hunt down and kill Fab in the mortal world. Then kill the dragons in Spirit World.
        Hati is probably going to become a sub-antagonist for the group. NOtice near the end of the story, after Skoll killed Munin, no ravens, even Hugin, were guiding Raigho. As far as Raigho is concerned, Munin lives and Skoll just woke up. He doesn’t know want transpired in the Moon Shadow. He’s totally clueless of Hati’s promise, and the potential threat he poses now. I mean, I think if Hati did care about guiding Raigho to the Cromlech, he and the Ravens wouldn’t be chilling with fear near the ocean watching the sunset.
        I think Fehu will rebel against Raigo because the journey is now going to take them to the human’s Capital city. And I bet Fehu is going to be curious about the Spirit Eye (and probably shit his snow now knowing the legends are true). As if the Hati and Skoll carving wasn’t enough to make him gap. Fehu just wants to go home and live out the rest of remaining years. He’s never been shown to be enjoying this adventure.
        Seven and Albert are a bit useless at the point. They’ve completed their task, getting Skoll to the Capital, or on his way to the Capital (always Daleko).But I do think Seven will start questioning something things, like if the legends are true or not. She might reflect on her fight with the pack, especially with Skoll. Kind sucks she’s in for some recovery, and probably therapy.
        It could be possible that Skoll will escape Seven and Albert just before he reaches the Capital. In that case, Seven and Albert’s job won’t be finished.
        But I do like the idea of them learning more about the grand scheme of things going on here. If that were the case, then they wouild find out about the necessity of keeping Skoll alive, the White Spirit for wolves, really. Since they are brother species one Spirit dies, it starts the beginning of the end for both. Fab, in my mind, ultimately just wants to kill Skoll, body and soul. That would complete the Dragon’s revenge on the White Spirits, and damning humanity. Humanity, is already screwed because no children are being born because Askr is ‘dead.’ And having your kind’s arch-enemy as the Priest of Askr and Embla doesn’t help.
        How funny, the ones who want to exterminate the human race are actually using the human’s ignorance of the legends and White Spirit predicament to brink about their destruction! That is if my theory is correct, or course.
        Hati seems apathetic at this point, in regards to involving himself personally in the world. He wants to keep the world alive, but not get involved with it. Honestly, I don’t know why he didn’t try to play peacekeeper during the Dragon and Human War. No, he just sat on the sidelines watching the sunsets. Though, he might have; I’m just going off of his and Skoll’s conversation in the Moon Shadow.
        I wonder what Embla has been doing. She’s probably not aware of Archbishop Fab’s corruption and unfabulous plan to destroy the brother species (yes Rook, I committed blasphemy). So, she could be the Archbishop’s pawn, like Seven and Albert. Or, she could be trying to look for Askr in the Netherworld. We know that she and Hati are not on good terms at the moment. We can only speculate at the this point Embla’s motives and disagreements with Hati at this point.
        I think we might see more of Skoll this time, rather than Iki. As much as I like Iki, I’m more curious about Skoll’s character and personality. I’m kinda hoping for more flashbacks and memories of him and Askr. I’m pretty curious about their relationship, what they did, besides spirit duties. I would like to know more about how Askr’s death affected him. Skoll is batshit crazy now, and in so much pain, his buried his memories (which is why I asked the fandom about dissociative amnesia). For something like that to happen, the experience would have to be traumatic and very painful; it’s also a post-traumatic symptom, if I’m correct.
        Skoll is selfish and stupid, and should be held accountable for his actions. Yet all of his actions after fighting the Dragon’s has been a result of losing Askr. Traumatic events can bleed into all other areas of life, if they’re not treated properly. So Skoll has a close death from war he is still grieving from, banished his memories, neglected his responsibility as a herder, his brother is out to kill him, and he’s close to being in the clutches of humanity’s greatest enemy. Well! I can definitely see why Skoll just wants to live like Iki. (Is it just me, or am I the only one that gets a Hakuna Matata vibe as I write this? “Put your past behind you, don’t deal with it.”) So Skoll is gonna have to make like a Simba and deal with his past head on and fight the evil Scar-I mean, Archbishop Fabledyre, and restore peace to the Universe.
        “Long ago, the Universe lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Dragons attacked. Only the White Spirits of humans and wolves could stop them. But the world needed Askr most, he got eaten. A few years passed, and my wife and I found the White Spirit, a wolf named Skoll. And although his power is great, he has a lot to learn to save the world. But I believe he’ll awaken and save us all.”
        I can’t think of much more, so I give the proverbial mic to all of you.

        • Rookamillion
          • Artista

            ……..so I write a theory that could be turned into a persuasive essay for an English class, took me approximately 15-20 min to formulate whilst reviewing the story thus far in my head, write it amidst home distractions, and you only comment on the fact I don’t find Fab to be all that fab? Come on, dude! You can’t read a post with this much depth and reply with just a heresy meme. Give me your thoughts!

          • Rookamillion

            Give you my thoughts…my thoughts… Can’t reply…with heresy meme…


          • Rookamillion

            Lol, but in all seriousness, I’ll get ya some feedback here in the near future. Just been super busy with school as of late.

          • Artista

            Rookamillion’s Brain
            From its development to April 24
            It was destroyed by Artista’s fabulously written theory, and demand for logical, non-meme related replies. Artista’s final words on the matter were, “After all, my writing and demands ARE fabulous.”

          • Artista

            Okay, Rook. This whole heresy is getting as old as Jewish Gebo. Now it’s gotten stale, stale like month-old dog-shit, to borrow from David J. Morris.

    • I just had a thought, maybe if Gebo gets a bigger/more important role, so will Isa? She’s been pretty stuck to the background so far. I’d love to see how her character develops as well.
      Ahhh now I’m excited to see how all the characters change with the story.

      • Artista

        I would assume so. Isa’s a bit of a mystery at this point. She’s calm, mature, and well-tempered. She was very under-developed in volume 1, I think.


    were is kaya i think that she should run into them after all she lost her pack.maybe she could pick up a sent from iki and follow it.AND WHAT HAPPENED TO IKI.and could you add my wolf her name is dawn.light brown wolf purple eyes and white belly plz make a comic on her I want some one to make a comic on her.so plz any body on here plz take dawn and make her a comic.


    oh and she has to sisters rosa,snowball.and a guy she likes named midnight who was let into the pack as a pup when his dad abandon the pack and him


    thats the best i can do to show you what they cook like

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      Probably several days, depending on their technique.

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    Not bad animation-wise.

    #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZXCiNfqUJU

    My absolute favorite fan vid yet.

    #3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUkviEU1D1k

    And the one video that introduced so many to OFF-WHITE, including myself.

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      BTW, I <3 your story and the art and the characters and the plot and the colors and the world and the dialogue and the magic and the HORRIBLE GODAM CLIFFHANGER YOU LEFT US AT IN THE LAST VOLUME!

      Anyway, love your comic. 🙂

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    You guys, didn’t notice or does. Whole volume 1 is everything of BLUE and new volume 2 is everything of RED! 😀

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        • Pilot

          Okay sorry for the long wait. Caught me at a busy time. Turns out if wasn’t deleted, must’ve just skipped over it by accident. Anyways, this was from 8 months ago (wow already been that long).

          “I think that Askr’s still alive because people haven’t died out completely yet. Sure Askr was eaten, but eaten alive. Askr could just be stuck inside of the dragons’ souls (since the two are merged (?)) being suppressed. And, the reason there’s no kids is probably just because Askr isn’t doing their assigned role/task in the universe.
          So basically, I don’t think Askr can be replaced by another spirit because there is nothing to replace since Askr is still technically around. Sköll will probably remain the way he is until either Askr is no longer being suppressed by the dragons or until (if) he learns that there’s a way to help Askr out of their sticky situation.
          Just my theory on it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

          Looking back at it I can see some things that may be negated like how people haven’t died out yet, but I think that’s because they’re still in the process of dying out. For the most part my viewpoint on it is still the same, though.

          • Artista

            They are in the process of dying out. Hati did say that when brother spirits vanish it begins the slow death of it’s brother species. Perhaps by keeping Askr suppressed, the dragon spirits may have been able to weaken human’s spiritual strength? Like how the dragons are now possessing the Archbishop. I’m still wondering how they did that. The Drags probably need a blood ritual to do it.
            I half-agree with the humans not needing to transfer a White Spirit into a human form. Perhaps Askr is ‘asleep’ in the dragon’s belly. (I still wonder how they’re able to fight each other on the astral plain, and get devoured). You raised up a good theory on that matter.

    • Reveal the theory!

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        This treatment is not recommended for those who are especially vulnerable to death.

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    • random updates happen sometime after 2 weeks to a month+, but no promises.

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  • before someone asks again, another schedule notice for this comic:

    random updates happen sometime after 2 weeks to a month+, but no promises. there is no set schedule for this comic. waiting for long periods is the norm.

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        • Very dark. I could literally feel all the emotions the main characters were feeling. I felt like I was part of the story. I loved it tho, wish it would continue.

          • Artista

            Hopefully it’ll be out by 2019. She said the first draft should be done around late-November this year, then she can start the editing.
            And yeah, very dark. Scary, really. She seems to have a lot of respect for real life survivors of that kind of trauma. She doesn’t glorify it, or go into exact detail on what goes on between Spike and Charles. (Just the impressions and slightly vague actions the narrator gives is enough. It makes Spike, the narrator of those scenes, more realistic because he’s sounds somewhat reluctant to even describe what exact actions are taking place).
            Then there’s Sam, who like a loyal Golden Retriever!

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      making upper three figures a year doing mostly fan art (which is great for them, btw, assuming they have licenses).

      Although, I digress, CD projekt red seems like a great company to work for and the income is probably much more stable. So I don’t blame them, haha!

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          I agree with you on wanting OW to be as popular as the other comic. Heck, I want OW to dominate Lackadaisy!

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      • most likely wont finish for 6-13 more years. people have done the math quite a few times.

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        • they usually get a page up at the 3rd month mark. so iam hoping it comes before Xmas.

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    • Alison Eclipse

      Well I read the comments and someone saif maybe on August or September

    • no body knows, my best guess is MAYBE in aug- September. but the authors arnt known for getting pages out fast or meeting the dates they set.

      realistically a page mite not come out before September or maybe even next year.

      • oh wow i hope it doesnt take a whole year! thank you for your reply

  • Friederike Treviranus

    When come the New Volumen out? I’m so interested and so excited!

    • no body knows, dont expect till maybe next year.

  • loooooong waits are regular here.

  • DragonFartz


  • Becky

    Three people make the comic, so that back-and-forth probably has a lot to do with it. The art is also extremely detailed and probably takes ages; every comic I’ve seen that updates quickly has a more simplified style, and that works for them, but this comic went for a more complex look. They have a Patreon, but a quick glance at it shows it’s not making enough for them all to abandon their jobs and work full time on the comic.

    • Friederike Treviranus

      Yeah. Thanks for this results. I know that, this Comic be complecation is. Is that right discribe?