• Phoebe Tranile

    I have hereby claimed this first.

  • LuckyIcecube

    I cant stop saying how beautiful this is.

    • black wolf-girl

      yes but… where is the volume 2?

  • November

    You are literally all amazing. Please teach me how to art.

  • Checkers


    rule of thumb, friend: if art is actually stolen, report it properly and show proof. baseless lies and claims will just make you out as a bumbling idiot.

  • I’m very disappointed in your lack of reporting properly to the appropriate authority. Please proceed to enter my jaws as I snap them shut.

    • Cantcomeupwithaname

      It’s not their fault that they believe in their friend. Their friend could be really good at drawing, and friends usually believe each other.

      • You have a fine point, mate. Friends do try and support each other. Hard to say though if this is a case of good friendship, or a poor case of mistaken judgement.

      • Shop Dog

        this guys just a troll don’t take him seriously.

  • Breezeblade


    • Breezeblade

      just showing this to a friend pay no mind to it XD

  • Windstream

    took me 2 days XD night and day hope u like :3

    • black wolf-girl

      omg love it

    • stalingrad

      ugly. ew.

  • Õwoo

    I’d doubt that they would steal your friend’s art. If the comic is going to be in print then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to steal another person’s art.

  • Little Mouse

    Is there a way to order/buy the actual comic or is it only available to read online?

  • LittleWolf

    just finished the first volume on my laptop!!!