Fan art feature #53

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  • Rookamillion

    Excellent fan-art, as always. XD

  • HutchTheLupe

    ohhh are….beautiful! i got new wallpapers! :D

  • Heaven Scott

    very nice work

  • Natiss

    I love the one with Hugin and Munin, but the FleshCreature’s art is really impressive, too. And the rest of these pictures, of course. :)

  • Aaron C. (Gehn)

    Hmm, deciding who is the winner of the Unofficial Off-White Fan Art Gehn Awards (UOWFAGA)…

    “Wanna Chocolate” cracks me up when it reminds of the time discussing Hati’s fur and how it reminded Jessi of hot chocolate and made her hungry. The fact that the chocolate bar really looks like a waffle is also a bonus.

    “Long Forgotten Memories” is definitely the most clean looking art piece. Although the lighting makes it look like he has a bulge coming out of his forehead. TOO MANY MEMORIES TO CONTAIN INSIDE SKULL!!!

    “Blood Moon” is cool because it says a lot, but I wish the smokey-ness from his eye made a more seamless transition into the sphere object.

    The detail of “Hunin Munin” is just awesome. You can see all the little feathers on them. Although, in my opinion, the background takes away from the image as it muddies the tiny details. The background seems a bit low res.

    “Ancient Roots” looks like it has about just everyone included! Great job on that.

    I DUN KNOW MAN. Too hard!

  • Helixwolf

    Holy crap those are amazing!

  • Takeru Avila

    Oh, look, Iki finally caught something! It is a…. chocolate?

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      Chocolate waffle.

  • CJ

    Woah! I wish I could draw like that!

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