Fan art feature #54

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  • Tara

    Wait, I’m confused. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the strip with Hati, but isn’t he a pure black wolf? Rather than a brown/black variation. Or am I wrong? o.O

    • that odd fennec

      if you check back a couple of pages (to October) you can see a sketch they did of him showing off his markings and design

      and also page 200, its hard to see but the last panal you can see his face markings. earlier hati pages show the different tones of brown/black in his legs and back.

    • Maxim Wolf

      He’s an Off Black. Like Iki (Off White). He’s brown, not entirely black, like Iki is gray not entirely white.

  • Jessi

    Oh my god the one with Jera and the pups she lost all grown up…

    I can’t handle these feels [gross sobbing]

    All of these are so wonderful though!!

  • SoulOne

    I’VE GOT FEATURED!!!!! *o*
    Thanks, Tana and Akreon <3. I wish you'll have a happy new year.

  • Aaron C. (Gehn)

    I’ll have to say that “My True Sons” by LivanaS wins the UOWFGA (Unofficial Off-White Fanart Gehn Awards) this time. This artist took the fan art a bit further by featuring the grown up versions of Jera’s lost pups, Eddy and Joey (or whatever she named them). Congratulations! You win a year’s supply of Plot Relevance and one imaginary gift of your choice! Enjoy!

    The runner up is one of the top three…but I can’t decide so oh well! You all get brownies! Hmm, brownies. Like Hati. It just works. Imagine his eye is a cherry. Just take a spoon and nab a scoop. He’s chocolate ice cream. Hey Jessi, he’s chocolate ice cream. That’s why he has to stay on the dark side of the moon; it’s colder there. You hungry yet?

  • Helixwolf

    I love them all!

  • Maxim Wolf

    The Nutkase and Hauntid have a similar art style when I compare these 2 fanarts. Hmm….

  • WolfNightV4X1

    I love the one with Iki in the rain,

    …and Jera with her deceased sons ;_;

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