1. Who are the artists currently working on Off-White and where else can I find you?

There are currently 3 of us working on the comic: Anna (aka Akreon), Kate (who is known online as Vesner) and Alex (who goes by Venrin or Ven). You can find links to our online accounts on the Links page.

2. What software and hardware are you using to create the comic?

The comic is done entirely in Photoshop and using Wacom Intuos tablets.

3. Can you draw me a picture/tattoo/comic/portrait of my hamster?

No, sorry. Some of us occasionally take paid commissions and it’s best to ask us directly through our other accounts (deviantart/tumblr).

4. Is the comic going to be printed?

Yes! Both Volumes will eventually be available in Paperback format. Because the comic was created over the span of a several years, there are pages that we feel are not up to our standards anymore. Volume 1 will be printed once we are done with all the “redo” pages, we will let you guys know when it’s available.

During the redo process we will alternate between redoing a chapter from Volume 1 and releasing new Chapter from Volume 2.

5. How can I support you guys in creating this comic?

We really appreciate all the comments, feedbacks, fanart, likes and shares from you guys, both on our website and social media! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or DeviantArt.

If you feel you would like to support as financially the best way is through our Patreon. You can also buy our merchandise on RedBubble.

6. Can you tell me what happens in Volume 2? What happened to ________?

We are not going to give any spoilers, sorry! By the end of the comic you should get answers to all your questions.

7. Can I use your artwork for webpage/forum/etc?

You cannot use our artwork for commercial purposes. You can find wallpapers and icons on our Freebies page. We would really appreciate if you include credit or link back to our page.

8. Can I use your characters/designs in my work? How about fanart?

We are always excited to see fanart! Every so often we have a Fanart Feature where you can see what other people have created. You cannot, however, use our characters and designs, and claim them as your own as they are copyright protected.

9. How can I contact you guys about something important regarding webpage/comments/etc?

If you notice a problem with our website, a hateful comment or have another important issue you want to make us aware of contact us through our Facebook page by leaving a comment there. This is the easiest and fastest way for us to see and respond.