Hey guys!

We know you have been anticipating the start of the new Volume, and so have we. We are very happy to see you excited about the continuation of the story, especially after so long! That’s why we don’t want to keep you in the dark with regards to what is happening and when the updates will come. All 3 of us are currently extremely busy, to the point when we cannot make our schedules coincide enough to work on new pages. Realistically the earliest new page will appear is mid- to late June. We will keep you posted how things are going closer to this date. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to working on a new page!

  • Anon

    Awesome doodle! A shame that the next page will have to wait a while, but it will definitely be worth it for such a cool story and great art. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the update, they’re super appreciated!

  • Nick Lopez

    Thank’s for the update. ^^

  • rip iki

  • Cyon

    Thank you for the update, I’d rather get not optimal news than none at all. Hopefully work goes well for you!

  • Fenix

    Wouldn’t be surprised if y’all just end up canceling the comic. If you don’t have time for it, then you don’t have time for it. It’s okay.

    • St

      That’s what I’ve been expecting for the longest. I can’t see these volumes ever being completed at the current rate. I respect Akreon for saying it’s just a hobby for her that she does when she has the urge to, but, at this point, I’d rather them just write out what happens. Idk. I’ve been following and have been highly supportive since I found the comic in 2008, but even I’m done now. It’s okay to admit you don’t want to do the comic anymore.

      I really wish I could Stan for it like I did years and years ago, but there’s no reason for me to keeping being a Stan at this point. Bleh.

  • RainingMountains

    Thank you so much for the update, we all seriously appreciate having one! And also thanks for giving us an idea for the next page release, it’s super helpful! Looking forward to the next page!

  • Thanks for the update. That wolf’s (can’t tell if it’s Iki or someone else) face is my reaction. I’m really hoping the comic doesn’t end up being cancelled/abandoned, as this is normally what seems to happen before artists discontinue their comics (from experience). Just recently, I saw one of my favourite Lion King fan comics go without updates for nearly a year, then got cancelled full-stop with all pages and artwork being deleted soon this month – granted they permitted us to save it all and keep it for ourselves and made a quick summary how it ends, thankfully – but it’s so depressing to see really good comics come to an end like that. Especially since they are one of the few things that help me cope with my depression and stuff when I got nothing else to do – this comic included.

    • Rookamillion

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Been this way for a while. XD

  • Rookamillion

    Thanks for the update!

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  • Keks

    Well, still enough πŸ˜€

  • madame dead eye
  • Shop Dog

    well poop happens


    Great art you got there! I’ll wait and it’s reaaaaly nice to see the update!

  • Emareee

    Man. I just realized I’ve been following this comic since 2010
    It’s really been worth all the waiting, and I’ll continue to wait.
    > o < /

    Also it's really good to see an update, I think the folks here are much more forgiving of a long wait as long as the creators are talking to the audience, if there's nothing but radio silence, I've noticed people get pretty bitchy up in here.

    • Lina B.

      So true! As long as the creators post updates frequently, even if they just say they can’t publish another page, because they’re busy, I’m happpy! Keeping in touch with them is enough to know they won’t abandone their community πŸ™‚

  • Anon

    Hey, @Ven if you check this and have time to explain, how does the making of a page usually work? Does one of you do the lines, someone else colours, and another does the scripting or final details? It’s interesting to think about, and looking forward to the next!

    • Rookamillion

      I’m not Ven, but I remember this from way back when.


      • Anon

        Ah, I remember watching that video forever ago but totally forgot about it, thank you for linking it again haha. πŸ™‚ From that it seems Akreon does a lot of the wolves and their colouring, and Vesner does the background. I wonder if the process has changed or if they do kind of interchangeable stuff if the styles are similar enough. Just rambling now anyways. Thank you!

  • Jayla

    I remember one of my key complaints about this series was how little contact there was on this site regards to updates and being kept in the loop, so I’m really happy to see this. Thanks for posting and good luck with your schedules. ^^

  • Artista

    Who’s up for a comment chain, narrative style?

    I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself, despite wearing a heavy brown coat. The relentless cold chewed through the fabric and chilled me with its harsh breath. ‘How much long would this continue?’ I thought. I breathed into my gloves and hobbled to the inn that was near the farthest edge of the Capital. The door creaked open upon my arrival. A man red-faced man with a striped shirt, and furry leggings greeted me.
    In a rough, deep voice, he said, “Evening, my lady. Welcome to the Jarl Inn.”

    Smiling weakly, frozenly, I replied, “Thank you, sir. You know how to treat a lady.” He seemed to blush a brighter shading of red after I said that. A soothing, warm wave of air thawed my body of its tenseness. Two women sitting near the large hearth, each wearing green coats, looked at me with peculiarity.

    In a slightly accented voice, the woman with the more rounded face asked, “Dear, come sit over here near the fire?” Perhaps that was more a command. I did as told, and groaned, enjoying the warmth of the waves of flames.

    The other woman, who looked much like the first, but with a slightly rounder nose and more angular jawline, took off her scarf and wrapped in around my neck. “I can’t believe a part of your coat is frozen! Iced! Take better care of yourself from now on. Where on earth did you come from? Oh, I’m Cerys by the way. That girl with the Bertha face is my sister, Eleanor.”

    I chuckled at Elanor’s puffed-up face at the snide remark. “Thank you,” I said. “So, you’re sisters? You two look a lot alike.”

    “We’re twins,” said Eleanor, She rubbed her head from what seemed to be a headache. “The last to be born before Askr disappeared.”

    “Aye,” said Cerys, her brown her lowering to the ground. “It’s such a shame. Especially now with people stealing children, no matter their age. I hope Askr returns soon.”

    I took of my purple beanie hat and sat in on the floor in front of me. I adjusted myself on the bench. “I heard some commotion from Daleko,” I said. “I could have sworn I saw blue wisps flying in the sky.”

    Eleanor laughed, “Blue wisps, are you sure? You haven’t been drinking, have you?”

    Cerys furrowed her eyebrows, and said, “You shouldn’t take her lightly. According to legend, those wisps are essential to the Spirits magic. Blue wisps in particular mean that what was near Daleko was a white spirit.”

    “Rubbish,” said Eleanor, waving her delicate hand dismissively. “Askr is gone now. There’s nothing left to hope for.”

    An epiphany struck me. “There are packs of wolves that run around Daleko,” I said. “What if it was the wolf spirit?”

    • why is my name in this :/
      (my name is Eleanor)

      • Artista

        Just a random name I thought of. Trying to think of a name that centered around the British Isles.

    • Rookamillion

      The sound of a beer stein slamming into a nearby table could be heard as the three people talked.

      “Bullshit.” Came the curt response from a rather gruff looking man a few tables away. He was dressed in a pair of worn trousers tucked into knee-high cuffed riding boots and a faded blue great coat. His hair was shaved down to a light stubble, a visage that clashed with his unkempt facial hair, now developing into a strong 5 O’clock shadow.

      “Askr’s not gone.” said the man as he stared into the rippling surface of his mead.

      “Askr can’t be gone, because there never was an Askr to begin with.”

      The man looked up from his drink. His eyes displaying a bitter uncaring and coldness that spoke of a hollow man.

      “Don’t you know? It’s all a bunch of fairy tales.”

      The man chuckled softly.

      “You poor bastards. Thinking you can be saved. Thinking there is something out there that cares enough to even want to save you…

      “Well, let me put your mind at ease.”

      “There is no Askr, no white wolf spirit, no spirit magic, no hope.”

      “It’s all just a bunch of bullshit, made up by rich men who want you to think that if you give them enough of this-”

      The man proceeded to toss a handful of coins onto the table.

      “Then you might find your salvation.”

      “Well, I’ll tell you from experience. There is none.”

      With that, the man proceeded to lift his stein and drink from it once more, shifting his attention away from the trio by the fire and back to the pressing matter of getting a nice buzz.

      • Artista

        Eleanor laughed, and tilted her head to the gruff man. “Scruffy with the hair, light with the face, and common sense to steal my heart,” she said. She fixed her golden locks and rose from the stool. “Mind if I come over, honey?” she said, undoing the buttons of her shirt enough for the split of her breasts to show.
        I wasn’t sure whether to scoff or feel guilty. I glanced at my chest and sighed. Cerys grabbed my hand and said, “Real men look at a woman’s heart. Any man who goes after a girl for their breasts or ass isn’t a real man.” She winked. “That’s what my father taught me, anyway. My mother said I should castrate a man who gropes me.”
        I couldn’t help but laugh. I shivered and rubbed my hands against the fire. I needed that; to knock some of the frozen from my face. “Thanks,” I said. “So…do you mind buying some food for me? I…kinda lost my money in the storm.”
        Sure. But first,” she turned to gruff man near the back window of the tavern. “Then explain this, wise one: Why hasn’t a SINGLE child been born yet? Or is that just my superstition, too?”
        Eleanor leaned against the man in her seat, grinning as if she struck gold.

        • Rookamillion

          The man looked up from his drink as the golden haired woman stood, watching with unimpressed eyes as she unbuttoned the top of her shirt.

          The man scoffed as he listened to the woman speak.

          “Do I look like I have all the answers lady? Huh? I can think of a million better reasons as to why that is, then spirit dogs and hokey superstition.”

          “Maybe it’s something in the water, maybe every man’s dick stopped working all at once. Hell if I know.”

          The man stopped to take a sip of his drink.

          “Maybe your mother castrated too many men for touching her breasts.”

          “One things for certain though… At least when it comes to your friend here.”

          The man looked over at the woman leaning against him.

          “It isn’t for lack of trying.”

  • iki looks so sad πŸ™
    He needs a hug! let me hug him *desperately trying to hug iki*

    • Shop Dog

      or sing a happy song!

      whoo ho ho ho hooo Try everything!

      • Artista

        You know, I wonder if Chief Bogo’s telling Judy that “…life is not a fairy tale where you sing a happy little song and your dreams come true…” was the animation teams attack against Frozen.

        • Shop Dog

          they where probably tired of it too.

          • Artista

            “Let it Go, just let it-”
            “That’s it, we’re gonna make a movie that’s going to blow Frozen out of the Box Office.”

  • Artista

    So, Venrelix, what’s new?

  • Artista Telegram Co.

    I’ve been on DA for the last couple weeks fave-bombing everything. Nothing new to the site, so i just wait while surfing for art. If you like anthro and animals I highly recommend LuxDani and OakSketch.

    Inter-Schminter has updated too!

  • Swifs

    Over a month later…

    • OceanMan

      At least it’s not approaching two years….

    • 2- 3 months is the average.

  • Rookamillion

    I’m still here. XD

  • Artista

    Okay, so how do I become a sketcher for Off White?

    • make a wolf sketch sample, give to one of the girls. do good enough and they mite add you to the list of names on the book cover.

  • nah

    “Realistically the earliest new page will appear is mid- to late June. We will keep you posted how things are going closer to this date.”
    They didnt write which year.

  • So mysterious, much wow

    Guys, guys, guys, the usernames/links/wolf on the left turned blue again

    • its not organized into vol 2 category that’s why.

  • your not alone!