Hey guys!

We know you have been anticipating the start of the new Volume, and so have we. We are very happy to see you excited about the continuation of the story, especially after so long! That’s why we don’t want to keep you in the dark with regards to what is happening and when the updates will come. All 3 of us are currently extremely busy, to the point when we cannot make our schedules coincide enough to work on new pages. Realistically the earliest new page will appear is mid- to late June. We will keep you posted how things are going closer to this date. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to working on a new page!

  • Anon

    Awesome doodle! A shame that the next page will have to wait a while, but it will definitely be worth it for such a cool story and great art. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for the update, they’re super appreciated!

  • Nick Lopez

    Thank’s for the update. ^^

  • rip iki

  • Cyon

    Thank you for the update, I’d rather get not optimal news than none at all. Hopefully work goes well for you!

  • Fenix

    Wouldn’t be surprised if y’all just end up canceling the comic. If you don’t have time for it, then you don’t have time for it. It’s okay.

    • St

      That’s what I’ve been expecting for the longest. I can’t see these volumes ever being completed at the current rate. I respect Akreon for saying it’s just a hobby for her that she does when she has the urge to, but, at this point, I’d rather them just write out what happens. Idk. I’ve been following and have been highly supportive since I found the comic in 2008, but even I’m done now. It’s okay to admit you don’t want to do the comic anymore.

      I really wish I could Stan for it like I did years and years ago, but there’s no reason for me to keeping being a Stan at this point. Bleh.

  • RainingMountains

    Thank you so much for the update, we all seriously appreciate having one! And also thanks for giving us an idea for the next page release, it’s super helpful! Looking forward to the next page!

  • Thanks for the update. That wolf’s (can’t tell if it’s Iki or someone else) face is my reaction. I’m really hoping the comic doesn’t end up being cancelled/abandoned, as this is normally what seems to happen before artists discontinue their comics (from experience). Just recently, I saw one of my favourite Lion King fan comics go without updates for nearly a year, then got cancelled full-stop with all pages and artwork being deleted soon this month – granted they permitted us to save it all and keep it for ourselves and made a quick summary how it ends, thankfully – but it’s so depressing to see really good comics come to an end like that. Especially since they are one of the few things that help me cope with my depression and stuff when I got nothing else to do – this comic included.

    • Rookamillion

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Been this way for a while. XD

  • Rookamillion

    Thanks for the update!

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    Well, still enough ๐Ÿ˜€

  • madame dead eye
  • Shop Dog

    well poop happens


    Great art you got there! I’ll wait and it’s reaaaaly nice to see the update!

  • Emareee

    Man. I just realized I’ve been following this comic since 2010
    It’s really been worth all the waiting, and I’ll continue to wait.
    > o < /

    Also it's really good to see an update, I think the folks here are much more forgiving of a long wait as long as the creators are talking to the audience, if there's nothing but radio silence, I've noticed people get pretty bitchy up in here.

    • Lina B.

      So true! As long as the creators post updates frequently, even if they just say they can’t publish another page, because they’re busy, I’m happpy! Keeping in touch with them is enough to know they won’t abandone their community ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anon

    Hey, @Ven if you check this and have time to explain, how does the making of a page usually work? Does one of you do the lines, someone else colours, and another does the scripting or final details? It’s interesting to think about, and looking forward to the next!

    • Rookamillion

      I’m not Ven, but I remember this from way back when.


      • Anon

        Ah, I remember watching that video forever ago but totally forgot about it, thank you for linking it again haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ From that it seems Akreon does a lot of the wolves and their colouring, and Vesner does the background. I wonder if the process has changed or if they do kind of interchangeable stuff if the styles are similar enough. Just rambling now anyways. Thank you!

  • Jayla

    I remember one of my key complaints about this series was how little contact there was on this site regards to updates and being kept in the loop, so I’m really happy to see this. Thanks for posting and good luck with your schedules. ^^

  • Artista

    Who’s up for a comment chain, narrative style?

    I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself, despite wearing a heavy brown coat. The relentless cold chewed through the fabric and chilled me with its harsh breath. ‘How much long would this continue?’ I thought. I breathed into my gloves and hobbled to the inn that was near the farthest edge of the Capital. The door creaked open upon my arrival. A man red-faced man with a striped shirt, and furry leggings greeted me.
    In a rough, deep voice, he said, “Evening, my lady. Welcome to the Jarl Inn.”

    Smiling weakly, frozenly, I replied, “Thank you, sir. You know how to treat a lady.” He seemed to blush a brighter shading of red after I said that. A soothing, warm wave of air thawed my body of its tenseness. Two women sitting near the large hearth, each wearing green coats, looked at me with peculiarity.

    In a slightly accented voice, the woman with the more rounded face asked, “Dear, come sit over here near the fire?” Perhaps that was more a command. I did as told, and groaned, enjoying the warmth of the waves of flames.

    The other woman, who looked much like the first, but with a slightly rounder nose and more angular jawline, took off her scarf and wrapped in around my neck. “I can’t believe a part of your coat is frozen! Iced! Take better care of yourself from now on. Where on earth did you come from? Oh, I’m Cerys by the way. That girl with the Bertha face is my sister, Eleanor.”

    I chuckled at Elanor’s puffed-up face at the snide remark. “Thank you,” I said. “So, you’re sisters? You two look a lot alike.”

    “We’re twins,” said Eleanor, She rubbed her head from what seemed to be a headache. “The last to be born before Askr disappeared.”

    “Aye,” said Cerys, her brown her lowering to the ground. “It’s such a shame. Especially now with people stealing children, no matter their age. I hope Askr returns soon.”

    I took of my purple beanie hat and sat in on the floor in front of me. I adjusted myself on the bench. “I heard some commotion from Daleko,” I said. “I could have sworn I saw blue wisps flying in the sky.”

    Eleanor laughed, “Blue wisps, are you sure? You haven’t been drinking, have you?”

    Cerys furrowed her eyebrows, and said, “You shouldn’t take her lightly. According to legend, those wisps are essential to the Spirits magic. Blue wisps in particular mean that what was near Daleko was a white spirit.”

    “Rubbish,” said Eleanor, waving her delicate hand dismissively. “Askr is gone now. There’s nothing left to hope for.”

    An epiphany struck me. “There are packs of wolves that run around Daleko,” I said. “What if it was the wolf spirit?”

    • why is my name in this :/
      (my name is Eleanor)

      • Artista

        Just a random name I thought of. Trying to think of a name that centered around the British Isles.

      • You’re the Chosen One

    • Rookamillion

      The sound of a beer stein slamming into a nearby table could be heard as the three people talked.

      “Bullshit.” Came the curt response from a rather gruff looking man a few tables away. He was dressed in a pair of worn trousers tucked into knee-high cuffed riding boots and a faded blue great coat. His hair was shaved down to a light stubble, a visage that clashed with his unkempt facial hair, now developing into a strong 5 O’clock shadow.

      “Askr’s not gone.” said the man as he stared into the rippling surface of his mead.

      “Askr can’t be gone, because there never was an Askr to begin with.”

      The man looked up from his drink. His eyes displaying a bitter uncaring and coldness that spoke of a hollow man.

      “Don’t you know? It’s all a bunch of fairy tales.”

      The man chuckled softly.

      “You poor bastards. Thinking you can be saved. Thinking there is something out there that cares enough to even want to save you…

      “Well, let me put your mind at ease.”

      “There is no Askr, no white wolf spirit, no spirit magic, no hope.”

      “It’s all just a bunch of bullshit, made up by rich men who want you to think that if you give them enough of this-”

      The man proceeded to toss a handful of coins onto the table.

      “Then you might find your salvation.”

      “Well, I’ll tell you from experience. There is none.”

      With that, the man proceeded to lift his stein and drink from it once more, shifting his attention away from the trio by the fire and back to the pressing matter of getting a nice buzz.

      • Artista

        Eleanor laughed, and tilted her head to the gruff man. “Scruffy with the hair, light with the face, and common sense to steal my heart,” she said. She fixed her golden locks and rose from the stool. “Mind if I come over, honey?” she said, undoing the buttons of her shirt enough for the split of her breasts to show.
        I wasn’t sure whether to scoff or feel guilty. I glanced at my chest and sighed. Cerys grabbed my hand and said, “Real men look at a woman’s heart. Any man who goes after a girl for their breasts or ass isn’t a real man.” She winked. “That’s what my father taught me, anyway. My mother said I should castrate a man who gropes me.”
        I couldn’t help but laugh. I shivered and rubbed my hands against the fire. I needed that; to knock some of the frozen from my face. “Thanks,” I said. “So…do you mind buying some food for me? I…kinda lost my money in the storm.”
        Sure. But first,” she turned to gruff man near the back window of the tavern. “Then explain this, wise one: Why hasn’t a SINGLE child been born yet? Or is that just my superstition, too?”
        Eleanor leaned against the man in her seat, grinning as if she struck gold.

        • Rookamillion

          The man looked up from his drink as the golden haired woman stood, watching with unimpressed eyes as she unbuttoned the top of her shirt.

          The man scoffed as he listened to the woman speak.

          “Do I look like I have all the answers lady? Huh? I can think of a million better reasons as to why that is, then spirit dogs and hokey superstition.”

          “Maybe it’s something in the water, maybe every man’s dick stopped working all at once. Hell if I know.”

          The man stopped to take a sip of his drink.

          “Maybe your mother castrated too many men for touching her breasts.”

          “One things for certain though… At least when it comes to your friend here.”

          The man looked over at the woman leaning against him.

          “It isn’t for lack of trying.”

          • Suddenly the black fawks spirit pops up, leans in against the man’s ear, and in perfect English, she whispers: “Good, wholesome, tits”
            The red-eyed fawks lets it linger for a moment before running out the door, vanishing into the blizzard.

  • iki looks so sad ๐Ÿ™
    He needs a hug! let me hug him *desperately trying to hug iki*

    • Shop Dog

      or sing a happy song!

      whoo ho ho ho hooo Try everything!

      • Artista

        You know, I wonder if Chief Bogo’s telling Judy that “…life is not a fairy tale where you sing a happy little song and your dreams come true…” was the animation teams attack against Frozen.

        • Shop Dog

          they where probably tired of it too.

          • Artista

            “Let it Go, just let it-”
            “That’s it, we’re gonna make a movie that’s going to blow Frozen out of the Box Office.”

  • Artista

    So, Venrelix, what’s new?

  • Artista Telegram Co.

    I’ve been on DA for the last couple weeks fave-bombing everything. Nothing new to the site, so i just wait while surfing for art. If you like anthro and animals I highly recommend LuxDani and OakSketch.

    Inter-Schminter has updated too!

  • Swifs

    Over a month later…

    • OceanMan

      At least it’s not approaching two years….

    • 2- 3 months is the average.

  • Rookamillion

    I’m still here. XD

  • Artista

    Okay, so how do I become a sketcher for Off White?

    • make a wolf sketch sample, give to one of the girls. do good enough and they mite add you to the list of names on the book cover.

  • nah

    “Realistically the earliest new page will appear is mid- to late June. We will keep you posted how things are going closer to this date.”
    They didnt write which year.

  • So mysterious, much wow

    Guys, guys, guys, the usernames/links/wolf on the left turned blue again

    • its not organized into vol 2 category that’s why.

      • Much answer, wow

        Aaah. Yup, this post is in ‘news’ which still has blue accents.

  • your not alone!

  • okami den

    me right now… (just kidding)

  • Kira

    Needing more time is perfectly understandable, real life stuff is more important.

    An update about the delay would be nice, though.

  • Swifty

    At leaSt this isn’t like Prequel. Last main story update was October 2015, and the author has been saying “soon! ” for the last 6 months.

    • Swifs


    • shh! you mite give the authors ideas!! <..>

  • Everdream

    I don’t mean to be offensive, but I think this needs to be said. I think it’s time to admit you don’t want to or can’t do this comic anymore, and pass the reins on to someone who can, so that all that you’ve worked on so far isn’t wasted and the story can be completed. That, or get more people on the team that have the time to devote to it, and I definitely recommend lowering the quality of the art to a more manageable level. The fur detail, for example, can be lessened greatly. I know people always say quality is worth a wait, but it really isn’t when it goes too far and slows down things too much into a crawl.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I doubt your fanbase is going to wait until 2050+ for this to finish. Personally, I’ve lost almost all interest in this comic a long time ago because of the extremely slow update pace, which is a shame because it’s a good story.

    • The authors have developed a deadly allergy to draw wolves and snow

  • Pilot

    I’m not one to normally, if not ever, give my personal opinion on the matter of waiting, but I think I’m going to say it this time around.

    Honestly I have very little of a problem with waiting for new pages, I can wait months without complaint, but what I do have a problem with is failing to commit to something. I understand Off-White is just a side project and that it is just an overall busy time for people, but it’s not cool to say something will be delivered by a certain date and then not follow through with your word. By saying a new page will arrive within a certain date, you are making a promise, (I use this word loosely), to your fans.

    Failing to follow through once, maybe twice, is alright, but continuously failing to keep to your word to your fans is what leaves me unsettled. As well as not being able to post a new page, an update on “how things were going” was failed to be posted, too. That update was apparently supposed come before the new page was even posted based on the wording above. An update would take roughly 30 minutes to an hour, maybe an hour and a half depending on length, to make and to renege on something as simple as that honestly leaves me disappointed.

    Being an aspiring comic artist myself I definitely understand that it takes a long time to draw and plan out pages, especially when other things are going on in your lives. But, at this point in the game I would just prefer that due dates, per se, weren’t given. Not only would it get us off your back, but it would create less stress for you guys so you can create at your own pace. By not having due dates the audience does not become expectant and if the date has been passed with nothing delivered, we do not get anxious or possibly irritated with you.

    I meant the former paragraphs with respect and I hope I didn’t appear to be cross with anyone but that was just what I had to say. I’ll be honest, the lack of pages and updates has decreased my interest in Off-White quite a bit, but I do plan on sticking around to see it finish.

    • Nat

      Failing to follow through with things is what’s bugging me. It wasn’t until people really started turning on the artists that one of them finally said that this was a side project and in no way a concern or priority. It took years to get this admission and it went completely against everything said before. They took on a 3rd artist to make things faster. They made a Patreon page to get money to have more time to draw thus get pages out faster. Yet months will go by with no word and timelines are barely followed.

      I’ve loved the story and art of this comic, but I just can’t give a fuck about it anymore. Why should I care when the artists don’t? Maybe in 20yrs I’ll come read the half chapter that’s been completed in that time but for now I’m deleting this site off my booksmarks list and pursuing other stories.

  • my main issue is, the best way i can put is as “when and IF this will ever be finished.”

    its called a side project, but at least side projects have a finishing date in sight for most. this one, who the fuck knows when or again IF it’ll be finished.
    i don’t want this to be a case of waiting 10 years and suddenly its canceled. why bother sharing it if the ending will never see the light of day it seems?

    again iam bringing up the math. 1 page every 2-3 months. so every year well MAYBE get 4-6 pages, MAYBE. and this vol is suppose to be longer then the first, which was 200+ pages. AND theres suppose to be ANOTHER vol after that.

    thats possibly 50+ YEARS FOR 1 VOL OF 200 PAGES!! HOLY FUCK MAN!!!
    iam not gonna live that long, neither are the authors!! 100+ years to see the ending that MAY come by the year 2117.

    before all the “shut up, this is free!!” “stop acting like a brat and throwing demands!!” “the authors have more important things to do then listen to you whiners!!” “go do something else then!!” “no wonder they dont give you brats updates!”

    IVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!! BUT FACTS ARE FACTS!! that calculation is based on a schedule they’ve had for years now!! and if they keep it, thats how long its going to take!! NOBODY wants to wait 50- 100 years.

    I KNOW you guys have actual jobs that are important to paying bills.

    I KNOW its a side project, or back burner thing.

    I KNOW this really doesint make money.

    BUT MY GOD!! we need to face the elephant here!! its NEVER going to end at this rate. why bother watching a show when you know its canceled halfway. no matter how good the show or book is, you just really dont want to go back to it and knowing the disappointment at the end which it doesint even have officially.

    by biggest fear is also weather the wait is worth it. the intro itself makes it seem like the ending is going to be very depressing with everybody dying.

    “there are many stories about the origins and the forthcoming of the end of the world. i’m not here to tell you all of them. i’m going to tell you only one. the one i’ve witnessed.”

    in which case, do i REALLY want to wait 50+ years for that?! or even worse they give a psychological open ending.

    how far are the authors going to go at this pace? are they going to quit after they turn 50? or are they waiting till they officially retire at like 64 before getting an actual pace? are they waiting till after that witcher card game is finished? in which case how long will we get them before another project swoops them away for another 2-5 years.

    just like everybody else i only have 2 reasons to be here. wanting the ending and seeing the people here cause everybody’s fun to talk with. at this point i just wished id never discovered off white.

    ive gotten my own comic started with a full script and i KNOW its going to take me 20+ years to finish. like hell iam gonna die before its finished, and like hell i am gonna allow a snails pace release. that 20 year marker is based on me releasing an average of 3 books a year and ill be damned if i don’t keep it that way. i KNOW people arent going to stand reading a book at 80 when they started at 20yo.

    it takes me a week to do 2 pages and thats not nearly the detail this comic has so i understand full well if they simply take 2 months to make alone. but you guys got 3 artists to switch around with. while ive seen the comic blood stain have the same amount of detail, take months to update, but with one artist whos gotten 2, soon to be 3, books out since starting in 2012. AND she also had to go back and redo book 1.

    the news update was nice, iam grateful for it, but theres really no point to the dates. as soon as i see them i automatically think “better add 2 more months to that. even then, who knows if it’ll be soon after.”

    but, whats the point.

    • You know, I used to complain about this years ago. And I had done the math back then too. It wasn’t as bad as right now but it was still bad enough it would take over a decade. And you. specifically, used to throw me those same arguments that you are ranting about having heard all before. Funny to see you changed your mind.

      • thats back when lots of us still had faith in the authors and hope in the series. i trusted the authors would pick up EVENTUALLY or actually keep there promises. but after a while and things repeatedly gone broken, it gets tiring and beats you down. till finally you just go “why am i still doing this?”

        every now and again we still get new commenters who start the same way. they defend the authors and snap at these larger messages. but eventually they too get tired and realize the authors arnt that great either.

    • Anon

      I basically agree with your main arguments, but just want to throw in that I personally like psychological open endings (done properly), and part of me hopes for Hati’s opening lines to be true. I love the story as everyone else here does, I just think it would be fitting, and purely happy endings aren’t always my favourite. I would, for Off-White however, like a promise of a new beginning to the world reborn afterwards, even if it’s not shown? Something along those lines. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just my opinion.

      For your comic, I was actually wondering recently if it’s done solely by you or if you have someone read your scripting over or anything? From the way you’ve spoken about it, it seems you’re the sole creator, and that’s really cool! I have a hard time scripting things myself a lot of the time. And I love how you draw werewolves.

      • thank you, and i draw, color, write, and format the entire book, however i do have a beta that checks over my script for grammar errors. i have dyslexia so commas and all that get extremely confusing. were waaaaayyy ahead in checking over the script though. =]

        i also toss up pieces of script to my friends in my skype group to read over and give any opinions. one of them is also doing a comic and understands that nice compliments are nice, but not helpful and can give helpful criticisms on things.

    • You basically summed up my thoughts about the prolonged “hiatus”.

      When I last calculated how long it’d would take to complete this comic with the given circumstances, we were still at around 6 decades. But looking at it again, you’re right, this might definitely take longer if the currently (basically non-existent) pace continues.

      It is sad to see a comic that had such a strong outset die a long death basically torturing the readers/fans that have been around for many years – some possibly even since it began in 2008.

      Being a webcomic creator myself, I’m also uncomfortable “demanding” updates, because I get that it can be really hard to keep a deadline with a dayjob and other responsibilities taking priority seats.
      What I find baffling, though, is that neither of the three creators manages to swoop in and give even a short statement (though I have a hard time trusting people that repeatedly didn’t keep promises). Or that all of them come together and just declare it quits.
      And I also know that comics are tons of work and take quite some time. Given that, I don’t think treating a project that is 400+ pages for certain as a side project works. It will just drag on and eventually peter out.

    • remember when i was like “so assuming they put out one page per month it’s gonna take them about 8 years to finish updating the old pages” https://disqus.com/home/discussion/off-white/page_5/#comment-2397866503

  • Artista

    *reads comments* Oh God…what have I started?

    • dont worry, it wasint you. just same old same old annoyment at the silent wait times.

  • Swifs

    holy paragraphs

  • Rookamillion

    Happy 4th of July. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Swifs

      same to you :^)

  • Kaco Dash

    I really don’t like to be one of those people who whine about when the next page is. I really don’t. I’ve got a small comic myself with a decent amount of followers. I get how irking it is to hear complaints about how slow pages are. But it has been months. No pages. No updates on said pages(Aside from one failed promise to have a new page by mid to late June). I get that this is just a side project, but even then the pages are just so slow. And the deadlines you swear to almost never work out.

    Honestly, I would really rather you all put this aside on a loong hiatus. Like, more than a year. I as a fan would prefer hearing that over getting excited about a new page at a certain time and that page never showing. Seriously. You all seem to be really busy. If not a hiatus, then just cancel the comic. It is not worth it to have less than 10 pages every year(half of them being redraws of old pages). It’s not worth it to you, and it’s not worth it to us.

    I love this story, and I have been an avid watcher of this since I was a teenager. But it’s become tiresome to check this site for no reason. I hope you consider my two cents on this.

    • (i speak spanish, i use google translator)
      A few months ago I remember that I felt the same as you, I even got angry because I did not know anything about OFF-WHITE for so long and i wanted to know the situation of the comic, …
      then one of its authors, Akreon if I am not mistaken, clarified the situation: on the one hand how busy they are working on a large project (whose magnificent results are observed in their galleries) and on the other hand the “place” that OFF-WHITE occupies in their priorities, Akreon made an analogy that this comic is like a swetter that is woven very very slowly, is not a magnum opus, it is something that they use to relax, to “kill time”.
      obviously they love that the comic its read, but it is nothing more than something that is done on free time.
      Understanding that, I realized the place that occupies and i don’t expect more updates so I go through the site once a month more or less, I do not expect much anymore, I almost lost the thread of history with so much hiatus (it reminds me Berserk manga who i read it when it was a little girl and now i’m an adult)

      • Kaco Dash

        Understandable, I can see a comic being used as just a small little project to kill time. But the thing that ticks me off the most about this is that they regularly tell their viewers that a comic page will appear at a certain time, then miss that deadline. They’re still treating this as a professional project that meets deadlines and updates frequently and has a patreon when it’s simply not that. If it is really a little side project then they need to treat it as such and quit telling everyone that about all these deadlines and giving false hope.
        If they would rather it update more often, then they ought to set it aside for a while until they are able to actually work on it.

        (lo siento, mi espanol no es muy bueno. Especialmente cuando escribo en espaรฑol! Espero que puedas leer mi inglรฉs!)

        • Swifty

          I do agree that if someone has a patreon for their comic, they need to treat it as something more than a side project, because people are now paying for that content.

        • Akreon one day said: ” (…)In conclusion we are good artists, ok-ish writes and absolute garbage community managers”
          Sadly I agree with what she mentioned, I still prefer a good artist, however I feel a little bad for those who are patrons of the comic, really don’t know how many users contribute to the comic, maybe they feel a little disappointed,but remember, it is nothing more than a digital comic about animals, I would love to have frequent updates and communication with the authors, But we have only to meditate….
          At least people like you gave life to this sad place….
          PD: Your spanish is better than my own spanish by the way

  • I have been watching this website for years it has been a source of inspiration for me but now it is just a blank canvas to me something old that has been rotting away in the back of my mind. I still come back to the website but not as much as I used to because it is just not active anymore there is less of a communication between artists and readers.
    Even I can tell that this website is slowing down less stuff is being written people are having other things on their mind unlike how things used to be where we were all very active talking to one another the occasional off-topic stuff but this here right now is ridiculous.

    We have nothing to keep us going here to make us stay loyal we can’t trust the words told to us anymore like we used to I remember when I was younger and eagerly waiting for the next weeks update. Well surprise look how that has changed! it no longer feels like it is the artists supporting this comic but us the readers.

    We are the ones who are contributing to all this in the end making this grow but now I hope I can speak for a great many of you here are just not feeling anything when it comes to this anymore. I used to be hooked on this story eagerly waiting for something anything and now I am more concerned about if my dog is just about to sneak into my room or not.

    I am saying this with all my heart here but I have just kind of lost hope on this comic nothing happens. Fan art fan animations they roll in but not a single word from the actual artists nothing set in stone at all. So believe me when I say I will forget this at some point I will forget this web-comic it will become so unimportant that I will forget it was even there until I come across it browsing through deviant art under my favorites way at the back.

    I have half the mind to just stop wishing to stop dreaming that something will happen something good knowing at this rate at which the pages are coming out we will be old and I mean it. But yet I keep hoping holding onto it because is that not how dreams are made? how goals are achieved it all begins with something and that is a little bit of hope.

    • ” it no longer feels like it is the artists supporting this comic but us the readers.”

      THIS exactly. it feels like if the community didint say anything to put pressure on, we mite never get an update.

      the readers are kinda holding up this barely living tree and shaking its trunk till HOPEFULLY some apple falls off it. or maybe a sticky note with “no apples today, but next week. ” and still no apples then either.

      some things, like story’s, just really arnt meant to be side projects. cancel it or wrap it up quickly. it gets incredibly tiring seeing the characters again, only nothing seems to be happening as the story’s at this constantly on pause pace.

      we all leave these huge messages because we love this comic and want to see its end. even now i am practically warning new comers to escape and not to get invested as we all have. its just not worth it anymore and were possibly only staying because we’ve already invested in it too much to abandon the ship now.

      i still hold out hope that we’ll eventually pop this on pause bubble. that maybe after the card game is done we’ll get the authors to majorly work on this again to get an actual pace. that maybe this is just around the corner as we get worser and worser times between pages. but deep inside i feel this wont happen. sooner or later the pauses are gonna stretch. going from 3 months to 6 then maybe even something like 10 or 11 months between pages. before finally this site just has an unannounced cancellation in 5 more years, tops.

      as for comics having similar pauses, i seriously doubt there this bad. at least the authors talk to people or eventually announce their comics cancellation to cut readers free. here however its just all around dead.

      another reason i probably stay is because this is a rare story. Celtic mythology really isint focused around in comics, unless there something super hero related. would we be here still if it was just a wolf story without the Celtic mythology?

      this is why web comics have such big issues growing nowadays. see points 2 & 3 here: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/164da247bbdeb426297ff71cb63a2c7f0db602b10284a79d143802bba93d396e.jpg

  • Rachel_L_G

    I thought the Seven Universe hiatuses were bad, but then I remembered Off White existed and came to check if there’s been a new page since I last stopped here…Nothin’? Makes me sad. Everything I like takes so freakin’ long to come out. It’s still better than The Last Guardian’s development time, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™

  • I had a shower thought a moment ago.

    If all of humanity is no longer fertile, then the condom industry must have taken a hard hit.

    And imagine if all this is fixed and it catches folks off guard. Their going to have a bunch baby boomers. XD

    • STDs still exist, so i don’t feel the hit would have been too big.

  • Shop Dog

    It’s T.E.Lawrence 100th anniversary of the capture of the sea fortress of akaba

    • Artista

      Winston Church even- How the hell have I not heard of this guy?!

      • Shop Dog

        he was an excelent person for getting groups of people to do things. he even tried to start an arab league of nations during ww1, unfortunately the tribe leaders kept fighting at the conference table like a bunch of simple minded hooligans and he had no chance but to give up when the British started leaving because they where tired of trying to keep the peace.

        but that said he SINGLE HANDEDLY got the tribes surrounding the red sea to fight agents the turks and germans capturing the fortresses of the red sea and saudi arabia. then returning to his generals more than a year latter who where surprised he was even alive, and in disbelief that he had effectively won the campaign for them by getting the locals to fight on the brittish side.
        he was never awarded a medle for his actions because no british oficers witnessed him despite the word of arab leaders that fought with him.

        if he had survived his crash his negotiating skills could have radically changed the beginning of world war 2. possibly stopping it from getting going in the first place.

        • Artista

          *mind blown*

          • Shop Dog

            and yet they dont teach about people like this in school anymore. now its all political correctness/humanities/social studies/ some other watered down crap.

          • Artista

            They barely teach the people they have to. Of course, there is nothing in-depth (because of a lack of time). Or they’ll make the heroes, villains and villains, heroes (i.e. Oliver Cromwell, John Knox etc.). One would think with all of the negative backlash the general Muslim community gets, they’d teach you about one helluva Arab king. “Oh, so not all of them are bloodthirsty savages.” The comparison of normal American Muslims to the radicals has been going on since the Shah crisis. Pastor Afshin Ziafat, for example, was bullied as a kid because he was a Muslim during the Shah crisis. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people as well.

    • Rookamillion

      Good old Lawrence of Arabia.

  • OceanMan

    Y’know, I think the biggest difference between the mood of this comic and of Prequel is that the author of Prequel actively keeps in touch with the readers, at least here ‘n there, but especially now that the wait seems to be relying on some other people doing their part for the “big update”. Art streams, commissions for fans, sometimes talking to people in the comments. While it can be annoying and certainly easy to lose trust when the fifth promise of “it’ll be out this month!” doesn’t pan out, at least there’s something being said and done and eventually even help asked for. While the community over there complains about the rules on the disqus thread, there’s still a strange morbid sense of community and loyalty to a comic about a recovering alcoholic cat who has failed The Worst at doing everything in just two days. They’re sort of bitter and tired, but there’s still many who have been there since the beginning or a long while, and some are even relatively chummy with the author himself if I’m picking up on things correctly. He’s just awful at estimating and was apparently struck by the same dev curse as the guy who does yandere simulator.

    This comic, however, has so little author interaction it’s hard to keep up even sarcastic hope. I was happy when it seemed like one of the creators was commenting more and communicating better with the fans, but then there was just silence until this update, and seemingly silence since. As others calculated, it will take well over a decade to complete the comic at this pace, and that’s barring something “disastrous” like all three authors getting tons of work on a new witcher game or something. It’s not their fault that their line of work is busy, but it is a little upsetting that they can’t even find the time to talk to the community, and that’s probably why somehow this page feels even more listless and hopeless than Prequel despite literally almost two years of waiting rather than ‘just’ a few months. Even Helvetica’s author still responds to comments when they think it’s necessary, and that’s another that hasn’t updated in a long while, due to similar stated reasons as this one in fact. At least, that’s what’s I’ve observed anyway.

    • exactly, its like were not on there minds enough just for a swing by to say hello to, anymore.

      if they at least said hi once a month i wouldn’t mind that much.

      • OceanMan

        Honestly I wish they’d finish up this “book” and just write the rest of it or something. Use a simpler art style that can be produced quicker, maybe? I’m invested enough in the story that I do want to see it conclude, but the pacing is so slow I feel like I’m going to forget it exists when I have a job myself or the authors are going to lose interest in such a long-drawn project that isn’t even their focus. Another comic called “Poppy O Possum” is going to be written in the future, most likely, since the drawing of the comic has become more of a chore than a beloved project the author enjoys doing, yet they still want to complete the story and write about it. I guess primarily I don’t want to visit this site in ten years and see that the story has still not gone much of anywhere.

        • Artista

          I’ve a job and attending college. It’s very easy to forget about the comic for weeks at a time.

      • Artista

        I hope they don’t really publish volume one. Fan-mail is a thing. J.K. Rowling receives and response to seventy-five thousand a year.

        • id feel a bit sorry for those who buy the book, because they may have just spent 20 to possibly 50 dollars on a canceled series.

          making it worse if theres a release date at the back for vol 2. or links to the site and the first thing they see is “last updated 5 months ago.”.

          • Artista

            It’d be like the author of the Eragon series. Waiting forever for the next installment.

    • Kaco Dash

      Oh man, I haven’t thought about Helvetica in forever! It’s great to see that the author is still at least responding to comments though.

      • OceanMan

        Yeah! Even though most of the time they respond it’s because yet another person has ranted about their schedule and how they “clearly don’t care”, it still shows that they read the comments and check on the site the comic is hosted on.

  • Spiritstrike

    Wow, its way past June and they haven’t said anything. What’s going on?!

    • Samedi

      Necrophages got them.

  • I normally don’t get impatient when it comes to things such as webcomics, but this is kind of getting ridiculous, honestly. We keep getting promised quicker updates and stuff, and some even contribute money to Patreon for said updates, but we’ve gotten next to nothing. I don’t mean to come off as rude or bitchy, but I’m just being honest here. I’m slowly losing faith in this comic. If you make a promise or commitment, you need to try to stick to it and if you can’t, then at least give us an explanation. Don’t leave the community in the dark like this after we’ve all done nothing but support you for years. If you can’t upload pages, at least take a few minutes of your time to let us know what’s up. We need communication, otherwise it seems that you don’t care about us and that’s just unfair, especially considering that most of us have always cared for you guys and hoped everything has been okay on your end and always worrying about your safety and wellbeing as the years have gone by. So please, as your loyal fan community, we ask of you to take time to keep us updated at LEAST once a month, and don’t make promises you’re unable to keep.

  • Swifs

    You guys are kind of writing the same paragraphs over and over again, we get it, nobody’s pleased with how the comic is being updated.

    • its easyer to see all the outrage when everybody posts there own message, even if they all sound the same. over say 1 post with 25 likes that will get lost after a few others comment and reply to one another.

      and lets be reasonable, there all the same because we hate all the same issues. besides, these will all dissapere once theres a update of some kind and we all move to commenting there.

      • Swifs

        Good point

  • Artista
  • Samedi

    I reckon at this point you could recruit a batch of total noobs and assign them OW panels as homework and if it took them each a month to do one to a sufficient standard it’d still improve production.

  • Kira

    Even with all this discussion, they haven’t responded with any kind of update. Honestly, that’s all I’m asking for. It doesn’t have to be a comic update, it could be am update on how it’s coming along, about the delays, etc…

    • thats all we want to. we just want some written updates that arnt 2-3 months apart.

    • Artista

      I’ve nearly lost interest in the story due to the lack of life updates.

  • Ivraas

    Damn, when the people who always defend autors pacing now are pretty enraged you know something is wrong. Yeah, the updates are pretty non existing here. As they say ” We will keep you posted how things are going closer to this date” we already past this date, and there are no updates whatsoever.
    I really wish best luck to the girls and this great webcomic, but they must spend more time with upcoming pages or atleast keeping their fans in “chains”, otherwise i don’t see the future of their work, and to be honest im really surprised there is still so much people here.

    • stun

      The fans of this comic have determination.

      • Ivraas

        Yeah, too bad it doesn’t work both ways…

  • Chili Christensen

    What if one of them died? ๐Ÿ™

    • stun

      Woah now, let’s not get too hasty

      • Chili Christensen

        Oh, right. *Shoves pointless worries back into closet*

        • stun

          That’s better

    • i doubt it. last year we almost have a 4 month long absence because of them working.

      • Chili Christensen


    • Samedi

      I propose cloning.

      • Chili Christensen

        Not bad

  • Shop Dog
  • JoJo

    i love this story so much keep up the good work! but i do agree with everyone else here can you amazing people at least tell us how the work is going and even a CORRECT rough date on when we can expect new pages. -a concerned reader

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ffebcf8b473c82e056261da37bb34d20e89cb7e5778104c2322d3161d8d1c09.jpg
    I did this picture ages ago whilst there was still hype for this comic… sigh what ever happened to it I will never know I miss feeling inspired by the comic

  • Sure are a lot of bloody ads now….

    • stun

      that’s why you use adblock :^)

    • RainingMountains

      It’s like every 3 comments an add pops up

  • lilly

    lol anyone else remember this comic

    • stun

      These are great

    • Shop Dog

      scribble woofs

  • Nick Lopez






    • stun


    • stun


    • nuuu! you shall never be forgotten almighty whale!

    • Shop Dog

      simple minds whale noo!

  • Nick Lopez

    *Dies of boredom*

  • stun

    Am i the only one or does anyone else just like any comment that someone post here

    • tak tends to like everything, but shes been off for a bit. :v

  • here lie-th off white. what started as such a young promising thing soon succumbed to –

    coffin: *thump thump*

    don’t mind the thumps from the coffin, it’ll soon be dead anyway. now where was i-


  • RainingMountains

    Lately, as I absentmindedly return to this website every few days to see if there is any sort of spark of life, I’ve been thinking about how long I’ve been reading this comic when something hit me
    I remember first stumbling across off-white when I was just starting middle school, I was around 11 or 12 years old I think. Next week, I start my final year of high school. For those who don’t live in America or don’t have a system similar to us, middle school lasts for 3 years and high school for 4 years. That means that I’m going to have spent 7 years of my life reading this comic. I have quite literally grew up with this comic. And I know some people here have been reading it long before I was.
    I’m not sure if this comment has a point to it or not, but I guess if there is one is that I’ve spent too long with this to just leave it behind, I’m just too stubborn lol. At this point, I just wish for this comic to have an end. Be it with and official statement from the authors ending the comic, or having the comic continue but with an actual schedule that won’t mean it will take 50+ years to have all the books come out. I don’t want to see this comic just die out with a statement every other month or year from the artists saying “Just wait, it’s coming!” or something along those lines, and I doubt the fans nor the artists want that either. This was and still is an incredible comic that none of us want to see die in flames.
    I guess if there was a takeaway with this, is that too much time has been spent here just for it to be dragged out for eternity, and it deserves a fitting end be it an official comment or a fixed and better schedule.

    • Shop Dog

      started 7th grade currently second year in collage so 7 ish years for me too.

    • spartan316

      it’s been so long ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Levi

    I’ve been with off-white for 6 and a half years and I started a career as an artist after finishing college at Columbia two years ago and, off-white was the comic that made me want to do art. For the six years I’ve been at off-white I tried so hard to draw and I eventually got my first job and saved up money for art classes, and that’s when I created my first really good realistic painting you may know about the flaming boy.
    Now I don’t want you guys to think that I’m bragging like becoming an artist or getting a invited to go to Colombia university I’m saying this because I was inspired by off-white’s producers.
    Now I stopped fallowing off-white for a good solid year and that’s because it just took zoo long for the second volume to come out and I don’t mean to be rude here but I think it’s cause they only have three people working the job and I know it takes a really long time withe that amount of people because I worked alone for about 1 year and it just takes so long to finish one figure especially a whole page. But eventually I found some very cool friends and they helped me, and I got more and more paintings done like the fresh air and the end of it all with in two months, so if I were you guys not meaning to be mean but you should at least get more people not me though because I’m very busy myself, and it’s very hard to move around from place to place, but it would be nice if you got more people to help you three out.

    • Levi

      Sorry my phone keeps auto correcting me.

    • Artista

      Do you have a site? I’m interested in your work!

      • Levi

        No I really just like to post them online, so you can find one of my paintings on the web and print them. But if you want a real painting of mine I sold some paintings of mine to an Italy action in Pisa I think and a South Dakota action in the u.s

        • spartan316

          So it’s not featured on a website anywhere?

    • spartan316

      Yeah only three people working on this comic is a bit of a downer but they are good artists and they are doing a great job. Also I thought they already got an additional person or so to help with the comics? It’s been awhile I guess I should go through the updates…
      I agree though. I really wanted more to read and waited awhile for volume 2 but they wanted to remake pages. Having waited now for… I don’t really know now but it’s been awhile. I almost forgot about it…

      • Levi

        Yeah it would be really good if they got more help

        • spartan316

          Eh I don’t know if they’d accept volunteers to work on their baby.

      • it started with two girls, then they got 3 with jessi, but then after a while jessi had to leave. now we have a new third person on.

        and the whole point of the third person WAS to speed up, now they’re slower then ever before.

        problem is, how many people do they need to add to make it work? keep in mind more people means more schedule problems which is there issue in the first place.

        i think in this case more people wont work for this.

        • Levi

          Yeah but fans might to love to work for them I mean you have seen the fan art it’s really good, and such extra time and detail for three people it just takes soo long. It would be better if they added at least two helpers

          • i think the girls would want it to the comics standards, and again there would be scheduling issues and a matter of if those fans want to work full on the comic, unpaid. or whether the fan art was just made on their day off.

            its really not that much for 3 people. the comic scurry and blood stain are huge examples of this. it seems more like the girls just don’t really care. off white is literally a side project and most likely there not going to go out of way to take it out of the side project box.




          • spartan316

            I think the worst part is they started working on Milk for the Ugly and then work for this comic (Off-White) fell by the wayside. No joke it all but died when they started talking about that comic instead and I didn’t really like that one… Not as much as this one. They also had that other work so it’s understandable to a degree.

          • its also around when they hopped on the witcher 3 job. currently on the witcher card game now.

            they also recently made DA a planet of the apes comic page as an example for a contest a few months back.

          • spartan316

            why take on so many projects?

          • they all paid at the time, off white didint. now off white pays, but its been fully shoved into the corner so long its now just left there.

            agian off white isint priority, and the girls just really arnt interested enough to bring it out of the box.

  • stun

    I wonder if i just copy and paste one of these paragraphs about the comic you guys write, i can get just as many likes

    • stun


  • Artista

    So…since we’re all antsy if whether the comic is cancelled or if the Gals are even alive, what do you all say to sending a giant letter to Akreon and Tana’s deviantart accounts? Or something similar. Thoughts people?

    • they never answer those either. remember that huge harassing, few months long, indecent last year? if they don’t even answer for those cries for help, then good luck with anything else.

      one person already commented on there profile explaining things were souring here. as far as i know, they got no response.

    • Jahsvwhwgwg

      I messaged Akreon about four weeks ago just giving a heads up one what was going on and asking if they could give an update, and she responded saying that she supposed they should, so they are aware (And alive, Akreon has been posting a lot of art, so I think everything’s good thankfully). ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe another message from the community would be a good idea though, it can’t hurt. I don’t know about making it huge though, that might encourage it to go unresponded to since they’re busy.

      Personally I’m okay waiting, but I do wish for some communication again. I don’t think the comic is cancelled, just not a huge priority as she said last time with the sweater knitting comparison.

    • Samedi

      Send a vowel, they’re Polish so it will stand out more.

  • spartan316

    I’m actually with the remaking of older pages that still need it. But mostly because I hope this comic because available to purchase on paper… No joke I’d love to add this as a physical comic to my bookshelf.

  • Levi

    I did try to do a painting of myself as a wolf but the only thing I could really get of me was my amber eyes

    • Levi

      You will probably never see my face on the web because I don’t like to post my face online so if you fined a picture of me on the web you are a witch

      • Levi

        Anyway gotta go bye

        • Samedi

          So… good talk.

  • Passerby

    In case any of you are looking for another high quality, currently-updating animal comic, this one is pretty awesome: https://www.ghostofthegulag.com/

    It updates every Monday and Thursday.

    • spartan316

      I liked the theme of this one…

      • stun


  • Kaco Dash

    I used to just check this thing every few months but now I tend to check it every few days just to see the community also complain about the lack of updates lol.

    • spartan316

      pretty much

    • Barry B Benson speaking the truth

  • Rookamillion
  • Rila

    I just want an update on progress is that really too much to ask

  • stun
  • Can someone give me some comic recs? Good story and good art (animals, supernatural, fantasy). I read Wilde life, Plume, Asmundr/Home, Mokepon

  • Peace

    Here is a comic I would recommend while we are waiting.
    It’s being regular updated every month or so and is very detailed and cool!


  • Heyyy people! I got some recommendations for some of my top favourite comics for ya guys to read!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Most of them are Lion King related (It’s my friggin’ CHILDHOOD!) so bear with me. Hope you guys like them!

    REALLY amazing, and pretty long! In case you dunno where to start, go to Mohatu’s Reign first! It’s a really amazing story that brilliantly shows the events leading up to how Taka became Scar and shows what happens during his reign as king. You might cry.

    Wolf comic!! Yes, in case nobody knew, the creators of Blackblood Alliance are making a whole reboot of their comic and you can read that here! It’s pretty good so far in my opinion!

    Here is a cartoony styled Lion King comic about Zira’s cubhood and how she got so obsessed with Scar. It’s funny at many points, and there’s also some sad parts! Have a read!

    THIS Lion King comic is REALLY good!! It takes place outside of the Pridelands and it’s very emotional. You also might cry to this one!

    Now these Lion King comics are really amazing too! There are three different ones taking place in different timelines. One tells about the first king of the pridelands/how it was discovered/etc. One is a Kopa comic (normally I don’t care much for Kopa stories but this one is actually amazing!!) and the other is about the Lion Guard, but with a more realistic twist that makes it really worth reading.

    Another really good Lion King comic with an even darker twist. Also, VERY good art quality!

    Another Lion King comic. This one is downright sad but I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! It’s pretty short and I’m not gonna spoil anything except that it’s about Kovu and Kiara’s daughter.

    Here is a wolf comic, most of you MIGHT have already heard of this one, but those who have not, it’s a really good one! Pretty funny too and one of the characters is just so adorable!

    This artist has amazing artwork and two comics. One called OMFA which is about wolves (sadly it was discontinued but I like to go back and read it once in a while). But she also made another, really funny comic about cowboy-dogs! Check it out!

    This artist makes a really good Lion King comic called Kiara’s Reign. It’s about Kovu and Kiara’s cubs and it’s really good and also sad. And if you are a fan of Undertale, you’re in luck coz this artist also makes an Undertale comic!

    This one is not a Lion King comic, but rather a written story about Simba and Nala’s cubhood friends and what they went through during Scar’s reign as king. It’s really emotional, and worth reading. Show this person some support if you can, as they do not seem to get the recognition they deserve. <3

    That's it for now, hope you enjoy these stories!

  • Nick Lopez

    -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

  • next month in sep maybe we’ll get a page. if not, then prob jan next year.

  • stun

    I just come here to check the comments nowadays, not even to expect a page update ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

  • Ok so everyone else puts out links for comic recommendations, no problem, but I did the same and I got flagged for spam!?

    • stun


    • Samedi

      Your taste is so bad even the software is offended. ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

      • That was really rude and uncalled for.

        • Samedi

          Is your taste in webcomics an important part of your identity or something?

          • What the hell is your problem? Why are you being so rude to me? I didn’t even do anything.

          • Samedi

            At first I was being facetious but now I’m curious how you could possibly be that defensive about your taste in comics. Like, even if you took that comment as 100% serious, why would it matter that I didn’t like what comics you read?

          • My “taste in comics” has nothing to do with why I got upset. It’s the fact that you were being rude and insulting me for no reason. I already have to deal with my dad and other people constantly insulting/ridiculing me. I’m just tired of it all.

          • Samedi

            Considering it’s the only thing about you I’ve insulted so far, I’m not sure how it could be unrelated. Are you saying you’d be upset no matter what the subject was? Like, suppose I said you were a terrible person for being ginger or eating pineapple on pizza?* Because that seems somehow disproportionate. I mean, I’m like 97% sure I’m not your father.

            *which would be completely true of course.

          • Yes, I would get upset if you insulted anything else about me. I mean, if you don’t like a certain thing (such as my taste in comics or food, etc) that’s your opinion and that’s all fine and great, but to insult me over it is uncalled for.

          • Samedi

            That sounds like an extremely painful way to exist.

          • Dude, relax, I think they were joking. No ones got beef with you. All is well.

          • I’m sorry I’m just too used to people actually meaning what they say to me. ..

          • Nightmare Moon

            Christ get over yourself fhldjfgkljdflkg

          • You get over yourself. I didn’t fucking do anything to cause any of you people to treat me like shit.

          • Nightmare Moon

            THEY JUST MADE A JOKE!!! ITS JUST A PRANK BRO!!!!! THEY DON’T even know your taste in comics ohhhymgooddd

          • maybe don’t be a cunt to someone who doesnt know it was a joke

          • Nightmare Moon

            well at least i didn’t call them a cunt? who’s the cunt now :b

  • I don’t see why it would be the links. They were all deviantART like everyone else’s. ๐Ÿ™

    • stun

      That’s strange, might’ve just been an issue on this website’s part, either way sorry that happened, hope it won’t again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • you can be marked for spam by:

      a website bot looking for key words/ links got triggered and marked you or disqus staff roamed by and thought you were suspicious.

      probably a bot just flagged you for a word or something small.

  • Shop Dog

    angels with scaly wings was a good multi ending game a bit short though

  • Nick Lopez










    • stun










      • RainingMountains


  • this sums it up pretty well…

    • Have you listened to other songs by Simon and Garfunkel? If you like this song you should totally check out some of their other stuff

      Is good- great stuff

  • So done with this f***ing community. All people do is harass and insult me.

  • Nightmare Moon

    Okay so I’m seeing a lot of negativity in the comment section- which is completely understandable. I’m also quite upset about the… abandonment of the fandom by our lovely authors… But instead I’d like to, however inappropriate the time may be, take a moment to appreciate Off-white comic itself… I have been reading and loving this comic dearly for 6 years now. During that time, I was being put through intense physical and emotional abuse that I am still in the process of recovering from. But this comic gave me escapism. It allowed me to enter this comic’s reality for as long as I was reading and looking at the art.. I know this sounds cheesy but hear me out okay… If you’re reading this and you have suffered from abuse in the past, you will agree that it is so important to find some form of escape in order to cope. I am just glad that this comic gave me some shelter from reality for a while and helped me stay as sane as possible. So yeah, no matter how salty I’ll get from the lack of updates from the authors… This comic will forever hold a special place in my heart! And if it does get cancelled, honestly, just the fact that it was there for me and helped me forget about trauma even for a little bit is enough for me <3

  • spartan316

    Think we’d be lucky to even get another update.

  • waiting for page updates be like:

  • Ki

    Let’s Prequel this comments section and get to 1000 messages before the next update. Shouldn’t be too difficult, at this rate.

  • Eva

    If the people who do this comic are busy they should update their readers at least 1-2 a week or month instead of leaving their readers hanging like this. I have followed other web comics and they have always posted a text update at least once a week. Ghost of the Gulag which is what I have began reading updates twice a week and the author for it is responsive to his readers.

    Again I understand that the artists of this comic have busy lives and life can be hectic, but it’s a bit ridiculous that they haven’t said anything since May. Communication is an important thing to have when you do stuff like this and I have seen the authors of this comic have issues with this time and time again. If this lack of communication continues to September it might be time for me to drop this comic. I love Off-White and have followed it for almost 2 years but it might be time to leave.

    • spartan316

      Actually I don’t think I have seen the authors comment to anyone here at all. Perhaps on another site like their deviantart they have but I don’t look there for the comic.

      The real problem is that this comic was a side project that yielded no real money. Now it’s a side project that is really, really on the side… I think it’s been longer than 2 years for me.

      • Kira

        But they’re getting $369 a month through Patreon. That’s enough to grant a page update at least once a month. Or at the very least update your readers twice a month. They’re getting over three hundred dollars monthly yet they think it’s ok to just vanish.

        • one of the rewards is speaking to them as well. aint that a punch to the face.

          • spartan316

            sucks. I guess we can only hope they show up a little more often to at least let us know whats up. Even if it’s to say there working on other projects or whatever. :/

          • stun


        • Alex

          It’s per comic update, not per month. But, yes, you still make a fair point.

  • stun

    Some animals don’t know other animals exist, like a lion doesn’t know a squid is a thing

  • strange, Evas comment is now awaiting moderation. <-<

    (at least thats what its showing for me.)

    • Eva

      I noticed that today too. That’s strange did I break one of the rules for this comment section by accident or something?

      • You’re certainly not the only one wondering that hhhhh

      • i seriously doubt that, because there are so many similar comments below that arnt marked.

        if it was because of that, then its pretty lazy modding to snag ONLY the tipy top one.

        i think disqus is just janking out and false marking things with there bots.

      • Samedi

        It’s possible there’s been a lot of spam associated with your service provider, so it’s just doing it based on IP. Same thing happens a lot with captchas, you might never see one or get hit with them all the time depending on the IP you visit the site from.

        • spartan316

          someone must have flagged it. It’s the only one and it’s still awaiting moderation. shows how often they do anything.

    • spartan316

      same for me, I’m not sure why that is. It does seem weird that’d be the only comment marked. We’ve even been commenting on it and everything.

  • RainingMountains

    Is anyone noticing any lag that comes with getting on this site? If I stay longer than a few minutes on here, I can hardly even scroll down let alone type a comment (getting lag even now when I’m typing this).

    • no lag on my end.

    • stun

      nope no lag for me

    • RainingMountains

      How strange, no one else seems to be getting lag…forget what I said then.

      • i think its disqus freaking out, seems a few things are going wonky for people.

      • spartan316

        yeah whenever it gets “laggy” for me it’s because of something with disqus. There are also a lot of comments on this page now.

  • Rookamillion