Important news: Volume 2 incoming!

Hi guys!

We have a few pretty big announcements to make!
We know you have all been waiting for new content for a while, so we are happy to let you know that we will be
starting the second volume soon! The way things will work is we will alternate between a new chapter and a redo. So we will be starting the first chapter of second volume after we finish the redo of the current chapter.
As a result of this change we also want to let you know that Jessi has left our team, and we have a new artist on board, our friend Alex! Here is a link to her tumblr ( and deviantart ( if you want to check her out!


  • HellhoundMutt

    That is such exciting news! I’m so excited for the upcoming Volume 2, and I am excited for the other redos. <3 I'm also excited for the new artist, and I hope Alex will enjoy her stay with you two.
    I also wish Jessi-Mei the best of luck and good work for the help she had put in to the comic.
    Good luck to all of you! <3

  • Shop Dog

    Yaa, finally some actual new content and story. i cant wait for the new series. but what happened to Jessie.

  • Jessiiiii I’ll miss you so much! ;~; Wish you well in life!

    Also, good plan on the redo -new -redo plan, good luck girls!
    Congrats to new member Alex! :3

    • Nick Lopez

      Jessi will be missed.

  • Nick Lopez

    So excited. *Runs around barking and making noise*

  • RainingMountains

    It’s such a shame to see Jessie go, but I’m excited to meet/see the new member!
    Welcome aboard, Alex!!

  • Swifs

    I love the look of that wolf!

  • Samedi

    She froze to death even faster than I thought.

    • Our poor emu! D:
      Don’t tell me the Polish Winter brought down our tank-resistant bird!!

  • Cantcomeupwithaname

    Congrats, guys and welcome, Alex! Hope Jessi had fun doing this!

  • Eia01

    Nice wolf!! 😀 😀 😀 Can’t wait for the new volume! ^^

  • Ven

    Hi guys, Alex here 🙂 Nice to meet you all, I look forward to getting to know you! I will do my best to contribute as much as I can to Off-White, especially with the new volume starting soon, exciting! 🙂 Have a lovely day~

    • Rookamillion

      Nice to meet you too!

    • Good to meet you, too, Alex!

    • RainingMountains

      It’s a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to Off-White!

    • HellhoundMutt

      Its a pleasure to meet you. I wish you luck with Anna and Katarzyna on the story. <3

    • Nick Lopez

      *Yiiiiiiiiip* Waves.

    • Artista

      Wilkommen, freund Ven! I look forward to seeing your work.

    • Spiritstrike

      Welcome new friend!

  • Rookamillion

    We’ll miss you Jessi!

  • Awe! Bye, Jessi! Hopefully she’s doin’ all right UvU*

  • Artista

    Jessi, why did you leave the OW team? Regardless, I hope everything is working out for you. Wait…are you still living in Poland, or did you movie back State-side?

  • well, this is REALLY old news, and most likely outdated, but it still mite provide answers in some way.

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    Bye Jessi, hope you’re doing fine ! And welcome to OW Alex !

  • goatfromoffwhiteツ

    I’m so excited for the 2nd volume can’t waaait

  • Shadify

    Welp…Unluckily, I can’t say that I’m really excited.. anymore.
    Off-White is a really great, just awesome comic-project, but honestly.. I’m kinda tired of waiting. I mean, 1 redo-page per 1-2 months? Srsly? :< it may be hard to draw, to redraw and to work together and fast, yes. But.. idunno, I don't wanna lose this exiting feeling of waiting, this extremely rare feeling of joy when new page finally comes up. But now I just feel like Off-white is kinda "outsider" project. No simple activity – no interest. Sorry 'bout that, girls.
    But yeah, I'm still interested in volume 2 as well.

    Anyways.. welcome to OW-team, Alex..

  • vienix

    sigh… alright, first of all, lovely sketch. thanks for sharing.
    second of all, can we at least get a rough (((realistic))) update schedule to look forward to?
    just wanna hold on to some hope that this comic will indeed pick it up and update for more than once or twice every few months like it is now, if i’m honest with you…

  • Swifs

    Like if you love this series!

  • Rookamillion
  • Usagi Kamakazi

    Yaaaa!! Welcome new artist!! Now teach me your tricks *A* I can-NOT draw dogs no matter what i dew lol

  • Rue

    Without you guys showing that there will be proper progress on this comic I’d have reservations about buying volume 1 (even though I love it) when you do finish it, because it currently feels like the comic is dying…

  • TooLazySignIn

    Which chapters do you still intend to redo?

  • Jeremy Girvan

    Will you be making your comics into physical books that we can purchase?

  • Peridactyl

    makes me wonder what they think soon means

    • Random Stranger

      Ooh boy, I would love to see how long you think doing artwork this high quality takes.

  • vienix

    *over a month later*
    *cricket noises*
    nobody saw that one coming!

  • Skjelrund24

    at this rate of new pages, I think we´ll see new volume in 2018