Into the future

Hi everyone.
It’s been a while but we are finally in a position to share with you our plans regarding Off-White and us creating comics in general.

The last few months were filled for us with exceptional amount of work. This also gave us the opportunity to look at the project objectively. The truth we all realise is that Off-White has not been going well for the last two years. The updates were infrequent and updating the old pages killed the flow of the story, especially for the newcomers.
We started the comic fresh out of high school; didn’t have any experience when it comes to writing stories; and very little background when it comes to digital art. Since then the comic has been going for almost 9 years. It seems like a lifetime of experience and knowledge. We are not the same artist we have been a decade ago. It is very frustrating to work against the incompetence of your past self. With that in mind continuing the story with the lack of proper set up we currently have in Volume One is very hard. Even with very conservative estimates we would have to redo around 100 pages for the story to make sense. It is a daunting task.
On top of that a month ago, we had a failure of our main backup repository of pages. A big chunk of the redone pages has been lost or corrupted. Which sets us back even further.

If we had the same amount of spare time as we did when starting the comic getting it back on track would still be a huge task, but not an impossible one. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We all have successful and highly engaging careers that we wish to pursue.

This brings us to the unavoidable conclusion – it’s time to put Off-White on an indefinite hiatus. We know it comes as a big let down for many of you, especially those who have been with us from the beginning. We have always appreciated your interest and involvement in the comic. It was the single thing that kept us going for this long. Thank you.

We love comics as a medium. We will definitely continue creating but it will take some time to work out a format that works best for us. Thank you once again for all the time you spent with us, all the comments and fan arts. Here are some Q&A you might find relevant.

1. How does the story end? Will you write a summary of the Volume 2?
No. Off-White is on indefinite hiatus – not canceled. One day we might figure out a way to continue the story, and revise it or reboot it in a different form.

2. What will happen with your Patreon?
We are going to close it. It will stay up for the next two weeks to allow the Patreons to download all content.

3.What will happen to the website?
We are planning to keep it up as long as possible. The comment section will be shut down.

4. What will happen to all the related social media?
All the available content will remain. There are just not going to be any updates in the foreseeable future.

5.Can I continue the story for you?
We would kindly ask you not to. As stated before we are keeping our options open in case we want to continue the comic in the future.

6.Will you print the Volume One it the current state?
No, the Volume One is a mess and not a thing we can be proud of so we won’t invest in printing it, sorry.

Thanks and hopefully see you again soon!

  • Just Me

    It’s such a shame that this comic won’t continue. I hope you reboot this when you got the time for it.

  • Alex

    Thank you for the update, girls. That’s all we ever asked. I hope your careers remain successful and that you go on to do many great things. It’s been a pleasure. <3

  • HellhoundMutt

    I understand how difficult it must be for you three to work on the story while moving on with your careers, and I know it must be hard to continue making the comic without a proper format. If you three need to put Off-White on an indefinite hiatus, if that’s what you all feel needs to happen now, that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s your story, your work. It’s alright to have a break.
    I’ll admit, I was initially confused and lost when I had first tried reading the comic several years ago, long before the redone pages, before even the sixth chapter had come out. But once I read about the Norse Mythology and the legends, I understood what the comic was about. It is because of your story that I heard of such fascinating myths, I heard of the characters Sköll, Hati, Hugin and Munin, and it is solely because of Off-White that I’ve wanted to someday adapt my own works into visual, graphic forms.

    It is amazing how long Off-White has been going and it is sad it has come to this. But I will be looking forward to seeing where the road will go in the future.
    It was a lot of fun reading Off-White, it was a pleasure seeing the world and the characters grow. And it has been a great pleasure to be one of your patient readers. <3 Even though the comic has been put on hiatus, I will never stop being a fan of your content.
    I wish you all luck on your careers and wherever the artistic world takes you,
    whether it leads you down a different path or back to Off-White in the future.

  • Nick Lopez

    Good luck with all of your future’s and thank’s for informing us.

  • Eva

    Thank you so much for the update! I am so sorry to hear about how you lost all those pages and as someone who is familiar with computer problems I know the pain of losing your files like that. I wish you luck in your careers and I that things go well for you three! Good luck.

  • welp rip off-white

  • Pilot

    Thank you for the update and thank you for the many years of good times, everyone. With this comic I not only got a good read that has inspired my own path, but I also managed to find an amazing community that will probably never be replaced.

  • Glutenfri

    oh man bye entire childhood lmao

  • sad person

    ahh, reading this post made my stomach turn. it feels so sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful world i’ve grown to love – this comic was one of the first i’d ever read, and is a huge part of what inspired me to create my own and continue my art. it’s a shame you can’t continue it at the moment, and if you ever pick up on it again i will happily continue to read it.

    thank you for finally updating us, too, i think it’s better to know that it’s the end rather than linger on waiting for the next update. good luck with your work.

  • it is a shame to say goodbye to something that I have been watching for so long. Ever since I really moved to Scotland I found this webcomic and it kept me going whilst I was alone and found myself looking forwards to updates. It is a shame to at last turn back and just walk away as if it were never there as it will forever remain as a piece of me something to inspire me through all this time.
    And when this comic does return if ever I will be there along with so many others ready to see whats next to comment to joke around to talk about off-topic stuff I will be there even as I will no longer be at home with my parents I will be there waiting for the day this returns with a smile on my face.

  • Ah, jeez…. I knew this was bound to happen eventually, but I wanted to believe it wouldn’t. It’s their comic, therefore it’s their choice.. I can’t say I’m not upset by this. I’m actually quite devastated, honestly, for yet another great comic is pretty much gone. Comics like this are what have helped me cope with loss, depression and abuse over the years and I hate to see another one go. Granted, new page updates were few and far between but it gave me something to look forward to, you know? Also, did I read that right, that the comment sections are gonna be shut down – as in, no more commenting on old pages and whatnot?? No more communicating with one another? That’s even more saddening. Though I did not talk very often, I still enjoyed popping in to check out what everyone’s been talking about and I have come to really like many of the other fans in the community, as many of you seem very friendly and fun to talk to. And I never forgot that some of you were there for me when I lost my grandmother around Christmas 2015, when others weren’t… It is devastating to see not only the comic, but also the community dying out like this..

  • Kate, Ann, Jessi; you are all awesome and I had a blast while it lasted. There are so many wonderful people here in the community that made it all pretty fun.

  • Yan Wang

    oh dear… We have gone a long way together. We will miss you guys, Goodluck!<3

  • Francisca Tapia Ortiz

    Oh dear. I’ve been a long long time watching you (Please, excuse my english, i’m latinoamerican), waiting for you and this really hurt me, but… i’m with you guys, take your time and if i could wait so long i still can wait. Here you have a really loyal fan and i wish you the best of lucks! <3 <3

  • Just out of curiosity, what has been your favorite character up to this point in the comic? Why? I want to know who wins the popularity contest.

  • RainingMountains

    It really is shame that this comic has head down the path it’s taken. Like I’ve said before in a previous comment, I’m going to have spent most of my life with this comic, and it’s sad to see it go. I still remember all sorts of little things like Skollgate, Monty-Python/Off-White crossover, and Pilot originally being called scourge (please correct me if I’m wrong there it has been several years lol). It’s been a blast hanging around here (and in the Off-white skype for it’s short existence) and while there were several things that I wish had not had happened to this site, I do not regret staying with this comic and seeing it’s first volume through with everyone here.

    It’s been an absolute joy talking with everyone, and I thank you to the creators of Off-White for creating something we could be a part of for so many years, and I want to thank all the people I’ve met with this comic and I wish everyone the best.

    For the next time I’ll see you guys, I’ll have graduated high school and be off into college. See you guys for whenever that’ll be!!

    • Pilot

      Yes, it was Scourge for the longest time before I changed it to this.. Haha, I even almost forgot about that.

  • Ramis

    I was calling it a long time ago. (Just never said it out loud.)

  • spartan316

    So there is a chance the whole site will be taken down at some point? That actually makes me pretty sad after coming here for so long. It’s a little hard to believe that it might never be touched on again. Understandable in the context but hard to fathom.

  • Kirsten Schlebusch

    fuck off – i have loved and waited for every update – i noticed that you lost interest, but this really hurts. This comic helped me through a really dark time in my life- my business partner screwed me out of every penny i had , i lost my dogs, horses and home because of him – you guys helped me through that. I understand that life keeps moving. that new and better things come along, i wish you all the best, but don’t forget your fans, we have loved your work from the start – thank you for being a pillar of strength and light throughout a very dark time in my life – and good luck with your future dreams and endeavours!

  • Well since the comment sections will be shut down, anyone wanna keep contact with me on Facebook, or maybe dA?

  • spartan316

    If you are going to basically redo the comic in the future why not open the patreon page to non subs so everyone can download it? If the website as a whole has the potential to be completely shut down in the future.

  • Zatyr Lucy

    Well, i saw this coming too. As a young adult and a proffesional i know what it is to be very busy and dont have the same amount of free time as before in your teens. The thing I am afraid of, is that there is a big probability this story will never gonna be ended, because as life goes on, you get more and more busy and your priorities change, so i can bet this hiatus is going to take years, lot of years…or maybe forever.
    So Im gonna say my goodbyes now, not for the artists cus i follow them in DA, but for the rest of you, have a good healty life, and for the ones who are in their teens or yonger, take this advice, dont waste your free time, because believe me, once you are finishing you career in college, from that to foward…things are going to get different (sorry if my English is bad, it is 5:00 AM in my country and im to lazy right now to correct my mystakes with the translator)
    Goodbye, i wish all of you the best of lucks

  • OceanMan

    Well, this is a shame, but I’m not entirely surprised either. I’m sad to hear that this comic won’t be returning for a long while, though it is good to hear your careers are all stable and entertaining. Haha, maybe one day we’ll have a game of this comic rather than a page format, something like Brothers or American McGee’s Grim Fairtyales. A narrative game. Best of luck to the authors and illustrators, and kudos for keeping it going for nine whole years. That’s even longer than Homestuck! Finishing a project is hard, especially one you started young and inexperienced, and especially when you have a busy job, no matter how much you love the project. And best of luck to anyone in the comments just reading this. If you want some more comic recommendations, just reply, and I’ll see about posting my Big List of webcomics to check out.

    • Zatyr Lucy

      Yes please, if you know more comics like this i would like to know as well.

      • OceanMan

        I responded to spartan316 with the list, didn’t think it would be polite to post such a large word wall twice.

        • Zatyr Lucy

          Dont worry, i understand. I am looking at the list you and reddog post and …wow so much comics, i know some of them like Africa and Home, but im happy there is a lot more i will follow from now on, not all of them but im sure i will like at least five. And yeah, it is sad what happend to the author of “Home” i didnt read the comic, but as soon as i knew what happened to him i lost another bit of hope in the DA community. Thank you for the list!

      • OceanMan

        Sorry for the double response but as far as webcomics like this, I’d say there’s WURR(On dA) and then Asmundr/Home, though I”m a little more hesitant to recommend the second one due to a recent fit the author had.

    • spartan316

      I’d be down for that.

      • OceanMan

        Alright, here goes:

        Awful Hospital: A semi-horror/comedy interactive community-driven story about a mother who wants her sick son returned to her. Mild horror and general grossness warning.

        Floraverse: A series of stories about a group of characters based loosely on demonology, with a “cute” bent but plenty of existential horror. Interesting art style and comes with a creative-commons world built for anyone to make their own stories based on it.

        Housepets!: A furry comic with a family friendly tone and newpaper comic style. The art in the oldest strips leaves something to be desired, but by the time you get to the most recent ones the author’s style is refined and the coloring is exceptional.

        Owlturd: You might know him as that funny tumblr guy, but shenaniganshen’s comic is brutal and witty and, on rare occasions, heartwarming. The art is simple but charming and it’s more of a gag-a-day than a story comic.

        Stutterhug: Adorable art style with no dialogue. A peaceful comic.

        Snarlbear: A completed story about a girl who learns to fight monsters and befriends a floating guy and a unicorn prince.

        Pauvres Defans Amis: A seemingly post-apocalyptic story about two old friends in their twilight years. There’s some southern U.S. french dialect, but the comic is still good even without any french classes.

        Neokosmos: Story about space kids and aliens and finding out you aren’t the only four humans left in existence. Made by two of the creative crew from Steven Universe.

        The Glass Scientists: A steampunk-ish Victorian science take on Jekyll & Hyde with a beautiful art style.

        Prague Race: A horror(mostly) comic a cool style. It’s been a while and I’m real behind but I do recall it being very good.

        The Last Halloween: A fun horror comic with some body horror and a slightly creepy little girl who befriends a vampire.

        Hark! A Vagrant: Goofy history gag-a-day comic that is on a long hiatus but has plenty of material already.

        Lady of the Shard: Another completed story about devotion and being an idol.

        Prequel: A comic based on the world of TES Oblivion, though you don’t need any experience with the game to get into it. It’s about a cat person who messes up constantly and ruins everything- but she’s trying her best, and things are maybe getting better. Be warned, it’s on a hiatus that is supposedly ending soon but the author is the worst at estimates.

        Not Drunk Enough: A horror comic featuring alt text that encourages a drinking game to go along with it. Body horror warning, the author loves the stuff and it’s rendered in a really cool stylistic way.

        Kill 6 Billion Demons: Cosmic story about some kind of religious journey with its own mythology. Somewhat dense on reading material under most pages, with a lot of backup literature on-site, but it’s a unique story with a unique take on angelic presence and god(s).

        Poppy O’Possum: Another furry comic about a mother with incredible physical strength who will soon die and dates a princess.

        Skin Deep: Teens who turn into mythical creatures and deal with the ramifications of having to hide themselves from others. Meanwhile there’s a plot about sphinxes and dragons being long-extinct.

        Gunnerkrig Court: Very long by now and somehow still going. Centers around a girl with a strange name who goes to a strange school and encounters paranormal shenanigans and various gods.

        Tamberlane: A furry comic that contains nudity in a nonsexual context, which may be uncomfortable for some. If you can get around that or just don’t care, the titular character and her guardian are very well-written as a child and a nervous adoptive mother.

        Helvetica: On a long hiatus due to the author being busy. Should return someday, but in the meantime there’s some neat art of cute skeletons.

        Boozle: A kid-friendly comic about a wizard and a cyclops going on a quest for the mystical macguffins for… some reason! That reason might be a person.

        Jailbird: Another kid-friendly one about a young “featherless avian” with a simple yet cute and interesting world built around it.

        Thunderpaw: Beautiful style with animated pages and intriguing story but sadly cut short by a seemingly indefinite hiatus.

        Awkward Zombie: A vidja game comic but it’s pretty funny most of the time, at least if you’ve played the game that comic is about. Lots of good reaction image material.

        Lackadaisy Cats: 1920’s prohibition-era setting using cats because they are “more expressive”- and indeed the artist makes the characters extremely expressive both for comedy and for the serious moments. Excellent art style with great attention to detail in both character design and environment. Mostly done in “vintage photo sepia” but hints of color are here and there.

        Now we get to the ones I haven’t checked out yet but which come recommended by others I trust for these sorts of things:

        Stand Still Stay Silent
        All Night Laundry
        Mare Interum
        Tea Dragon Society
        A Redtail’s Dream(aRTD)
        Monster Pulse

        And lastly, if you still haven’t checked out any of the MSPA stories, I’d strongly recommend starting with Problem Sleuth since it’s less strange and complicated than Homestuck and is the only other finished work on the site. There’s the related “bad on purpose” Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff which is funny in its own delirious way. If you’re not set on it being purely a comic, and you don’t mind sometimes unsettling stories or images, Atrocityland’s Strangers: A Primer offers a fictional bestiary of inter dimensional snakelike beings that affect the world in strange ways.

  • Monique

    In the meantime, does anyone have any comics to share?

  • Rookamillion

    It’s ironic. It was in this same spot I am sitting on the Eastern Shore that I first found this comic. Now here I am as it is ending.

    It was a real blast and a privilidge to get to know you all. I have loved this comic and I loved its community.

    I hope one day that this comic will see the conclusion it deserves. Until then, best of luck to you all and safe travels.

    Don’t be a strangers you lot. Hit me up on dA anytime!

  • Oh my gosh! Not the news I totally expected logging into this site…well…okay judging by the last two years as they have stated this was expected. Still blows my mind though!

    It’s no surprise that off-white went off in the same way Strays did, I guess inexperience and working page by page as posting will do that to an artist(s). Honestly though following webcomics has always been something I looked forward to, but seeing the outcomes of some of my favorite comics I’m starting to see the pitfalls in it, despite my own naivete and excitement towards that concept

    Gosh…I’ve had so so many good years on this, and with the community of fans. I loved coming to see the stunning work that came up from new pages and whatnot. It made my high school and beyond tolerable, I couldnt describe how much nostalgia this silly comic gave me.

    I don’t know how long it’d be but I sure as hell wont forget the artists of one of my favorite comics, so if offwhite gets a reboot in the future I’m sure as hell going to see it through! Thanks to everyone following through on this with me!!!

  • MJI

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.
    I can see the desire to revamp/ revise the old pages, but that I believe might have been a mistake and the time spent revising old pages might have been better spent on continuing the comic, finishing and then go back. That is unless you came across a major writer’s block or had changed the plot to the point the old pages weren’t relevant. In that case I understand. Maybe if you can go back to the comic, you’ll find you can do an even better job on it and work on it with more clarity.

    I’m in the process of writing/ rewriting a series I’ve dabbed with since 1995, but the ideas ebb and flow, sometimes with 5+ year hiatus between versions. There are times I thought I lost the story, forgot all the ideas I had, but then at some point it snaps together and I can return to it. It seems each time going back, makes the story even better in some way. Maybe this will be the same for Off-White?

  • MJI

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

    I can see the desire to revamp/ revise the old pages, but that I believe might have been a mistake and the time spent revising old pages might have been better spent on continuing the comic, finishing and then go back. That is unless you came across a major writer’s block or had changed the plot to the point the old pages weren’t relevant. In that case I understand. Maybe if you can go back to the comic some time in the future, you’ll find you can do an even better job on it and work on it with more clarity.

    Maybe this will be the same for Off-White? Here’s to hoping for the best. If the story is great and meant to be hopefully you’ll be able to pick it up again some time and make it even better. If not, then maybe you’ll think of a new story.