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  • reddog f.13

    amazing. =]

  • WolfLover

    Wow, your art is simply amazing! I hope to one day get that good. The music is a beautiful choice. I love that kind of foreign music.

  • Artemis

    The way you do backgrounds is fascinating!

  • Evaliae

    You make it look so easy… lol

  • Hannah Bartlett

    Beautiful. What program do you use? What tablet?

    • ziikra

      all I know is that akreon uses wacom intuos 4 and they draw in Adobe photoshop CS5 :)

  • bagnome

    I love your use of previous back grounds to make new ones, and also all those little details like the lighting and shading. You really don’t notice the lighting and shading, but with out it, the picture just seems bland and not coming to life. And I also love watching the picture evolve from a pencil sketch to a finished product.

  • Voice

    This is skill.

  • Voice

    Woo! Photoshop! :D The way you recycle backgrounds is incredibly clever :O And can we has brushes you use please? :3

  • kb4

    Thanks for giving us your time to even show us these processes! :)

  • Dragonir

    What’s the music?

  • Keftense

    Oh man so much work. I loved it

  • KerriLark

    Bleh, I get so jealous when I watch speed-paints. I draw with Photoshop, too, but I can *never* get my line-work to come out smoothly like that. It’s always all pixely and stuff. :( What is the secret to smooth lines in Photoshop?? XP

    Beautiful work, though. I love this comic so much. <3

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      I think that the “pixely” effect comes from painting on a low resolution canvas. Try increasing the canvas size and see what you get.

      Or you could be using a very hard edged brush, but I think you’ve probably tried a variety of brushes already.

      • KerriLark

        I thought that might be it. I’ll have to give that a try. I do tend to use mostly hard-edged brushes, as well.Thank you for the tips! Much appreciated. :)

    • tikki

      It could also be if you do art by mouse. A lot of people use a tablet that connects to the computer to draw, making things look smoother.

  • chocomix

    This is awesome, I’m so glad you posted this. =)

  • Guest

    i already seen this 3 time and i cant belive it…im so jealous >.<! i will never draw like you girls! you do a amaizing job!

  • 獠牙野狼

    I am Chinese………

  • Aaron C. (Gehn)

    Hey, I know that first song. It’s played at a civil war ball I go to every year. Played with different instruments though.

    All the songs you picked are just fantabulous for this video. Wonderful workflow. 10/10 would recommend!

    • Rookamillion

      A civil war ball? That’s pretty baws! Around here we just have a bunch of reanactments….So I get to listen to a cacophony of cannon fire while I’m trying to watch a movie! XD

  • thoughthelens

    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.
    This way we realize even more how much effort you put into it.
    Since the very first pay ( even before you redid it) i’m literally drown in you drawing.
    We’ll always support you so please don’t let you passion down!

    By the way the song its so great!

  • Tess Starr

    What program do you guys use to draw these?

  • TheRebelLion96

    The amount of detail and effort they put in astonishes me!

  • Hiddentrack1231

    Now when I watched this video this page looks even more beautiful than it looked before :)

  • Favnin

    What are the songs used for this? :)

    • akreon

      I don’t remember the exact titles but this is creative commons music from You’ll find those songs under “celtic” tag :)

  • Rookamillion

    HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL…… THE AMOUNT OF ARTISTIC DETAIL AND TIME SPENT IS INSANE! I admire your work drive that you could do all of that in a week or less…… that’s absolutely amazing.

  • Rookamillion

    Also, I have a question for Akreon and Tanthe: Would you mind if I used an image from the comic for a video project I’m working on?

    • akreon

      As long it’s a non commercial use – sure :D

      • Rookamillion

        Thank you! It’s for a school project that is being done over YouTube. How would you two like to be listed in the credits?

  • Coyote Outlaw

    What’s the average amount of time it takes you to finish one page of a comic?

    • akreon

      Around 6-7h :)

  • Jessi

    Ugh you two make me so sick! Sick with the art bug, I mean. x3 I could fawn and drool on you for days but it’s so cool to see every little detail you ladies put into every page. So inspiring <3

    I think this page presents an interesting poster idea as well! The way you have the wolves sectioned into separate panels on top of a background looks really cool and pretty. Perhaps for the poster, each wolf could have their own panel in a running pose or something on top of a thematic background. I think you get what I mean?

  • Deyla

    How comes you draw this… and I’m fighting with a fucking circle.

    • Wolf

      Yea it’s like really how do they draw on a computer! Paper = piece of = Kindergarten Drawing

      • Ten-e-shu

        Tablet magic~!

  • Cosmic Serpent a.k.a Huntress

    This is so detailed and wonderful it made my head explode so hard it reanimated itself
    I love how detailed Iki is
    But what’s with the the two random people with snowsuits at one point?

  • TheWolfsFate

    It won’t let me see it. Ah well. One of these days, I’ll see it. x3

  • Mync

    What program do you use? Anyone know?

    • akreon

      Adobe Photoshop CS5 :)

  • HutchTheLupe

    X3!!!! i already seen this video like 4 times!, just a wonderful job you do girls!, i wish i can do drawings like you do, i just can do man sticks :c anyway, im practicing :3

  • Wolf

    Omg I can see u making this into a movie..Ur drawings are so amazing

  • Brightsoul

    Sigh…. I wish I could draw like you, I’ve been practising but I think it still looks bad… :( Oh well practis makes perfect! Oh and amazing job! I love this comic!
    Your art is amazing! :D

  • trehcedasil

    Make this page an available poster PLEEEASE!

  • WilczekWoof

    Just out of curiosity during this video how many times did you have to exchange this page among each other to finish it? Because it looks like it was done all at once and by one person but I know that is not the case.

  • Cali

    Oh my goodness i have been using photoshop CS5.5 for years and there are so many things you do in this video that i did not know you could do/have no idea how to do them. I wish I could talk about the program with you guys.

    <_< also congrats on your talent and all that. video makes it all look so effortless but i know how much effort a drawing like this takes XD you guys are pros

  • FenrirGreatWolf

    How do you do it? how are you able to move the mouse cursor so precisely without any mistakes tell me your secret is it magic?

    • Aaron C. (Gehn)

      Drawing tablet.

    • LunaSibe

      Search for “Graphic Tablet” or “Design Tablet” at Amazon and you have your answer, Fenrir :P

      • FenrirGreatWolf

        OOh and how much do these cost :P i can draw pretty good with hand and I want go study animation in engineering you know Maya,3dmax and so on so is that like this a bit?

        • LunaSibe

          Tablets for these kinds of use can be expensive! A very good tablet can cost above 200$, and a professional design tablet can even get to the 600$ mark, being one of the most recommended brands Wacom. On the other hand there are also cheap tablets, starting at the 50$ mark, if you are looking for something not extremely precise, but lighter and more portable. These last ones are great if you use them to take handwritten notes on your computer or play some types of games.

  • Ariel Rojas Salas

    great music. What are the songs?

  • Iki

    What’s their YouTube channel?

  • Eclipse

    Anyone know what Tablet(s) they use?

  • Ikilover117


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