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  • Olyvia

    Ahh it’s torture waiting for Off-white to be posted weekly but even worse waiting for attack on titan to be posted monthly D: You artists are such a tease!

    • Lilafly

      so you say it is a torture to WAIT!? How about it is a torture to draw these pages in a short amount of time in this amazing quality? I for one feel the pain of the two girls, also when I’m only one of the few ones who do
      Just practice yourself in more patience and start to see that art is always work, especially such great art like OFF-WHITE!

      • Segnory

        I don’t agree with a part of your post. It’s not at all a torture to draw Off-white or for other artists to draw their comics, otherwise they wouldn’t do it anymore :) They take the time they need, nobody is paying them to send a page every week, that’s a length they put themselves because it was a good challenge, maybe ; and sometime we have to wait more, sometime we have to wait less, but who cares ? You’re right about training ourselves to wait, we don’t have any rude comment to utter since Off-White is not our comic. We are all fans but the two amazing artists here aren’t paied by anyone to draw this, means it’s only for their pleasure, so it is NOT a torture ! C:

        But, well. Amazing page, as always, climax is coming and I’m waiting forward the next one ! *v*

        • Lilafly

          maybe not all the time, but sometimes drawing a comic really can be a torture because you know that there are people who are impaitently waiting for a new page to come out. and yes, I am an artist who draws a comic (136 pages in 2,5 years to far, woohoo! XD). I have great respect towards the artists that they can bear all these impaitent people! I can’t help but usually just facedesk when I read such immature comments like the one above I replied to earlier XD

          • Takeru Avila

            You draw comics?? I’d like to see :D

            I do agree with you on that drawing can be torture sometimes, especially comic-like drawings.

          • Olyvia

            It was a humorous comment intended to be taken lightly; as a joke as such. It wasn’t immature, at least not from my perspective. It was more or less a compliment to the artists; their art is so good that it’s almost painful waiting for it. Also, it was just a comment fishing for other attack on titan fans, just to see if I was the only one; purely through curiosity.

            Oh and yes, do share your comic with us. Perhaps it’s torture to draw your comic, but I know for a fact that Akreon and Tanathe love drawing this. Otherwise, why would they continue? Drawing won’t be torture for them; it’s their passion. I don’t know why you draw comics if you find them so torturous.

    • Blood

      I’m not ungrateful about there truly awesome pages that are made weekly;
      But I can totally agreed that is sometimes “torture” to have to wait (any amount of time) for such epic and gorgeous art work.
      Keep it up girls, dont feel rushed, don’t go to fast for us! X3

    • Olyvia

      Jeez guys, no need to start a debate. I’m one of those fans that are willing to wait, I was just making a humorous comment. I’m very appreciative of the artists and often wonder how much of their time is consumed to make such beautiful imagery in such short spaces of time. I was just humouring myself and calling them a tease~

      Aside from that, I was wondering how many AoT fans were lurking here, or if I was the only one. I was curious to see if there would be any “Oh my God, Attack on Titan!” replies xD I’m willing to wait 3 months for the next AoT to come out, and I’d be willing to wait years for an Off-White page to come out, each page has such a refreshing art style.

      And the torture comment was metaphoric. I’m not writhing in agony clicking refresh on my browser. I’m sure it can’t be torture for the artists, either. If it was, they’d stop doing it entirely. I’m sure aside from being proud of their creations and developing a new world, they also enjoy seeing our reactions.

  • sunstar

    heyy I cant find my post

  • Nemeyath

    I died waitin’ for the next one.
    And still for 1 month.

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