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  • Dr. Horrible

    Oh. wait. I understood. Seven will kill Raigho and Jera will kill Seven.
    Iki will find wake up, and Fehu will lead all pack (without Iki) back to their old territory. that’s how Off-White book 1 will end. (see? this page is called Bitter End, so….)

    • Iki

      I think you might be right

    • Samedi

      Bitter End 2, even. Not just ‘part 2,’ but 2. So if the last one was hers, and this one is his, they can all bleed out in the snow together! Fun times.

      • Paul Brown

        its in her shoulder which is far enough to keep from bleeding out, but she wont be moving that arm so well afterwords now do to all the damage in the deep muscle and tendons, she will most likley get a nasty staff infection along with a tetanus infection “both will kill you if not treated”

        • Samedi

          I have no idea what ‘far enough’ is supposed to mean, but no, I don’t think bleeding to death would be inescapable under her circumstances – but between the gash in her shoulder and the one further down her arm, I wouldn’t rule it out if she doesn’t get a chance to stop the bleeding.

          Although, if she didn’t get a chance and eventually passed out, I’m not sure whether further blood loss, hypothermia, or angry things with teeth would get her first.

          • Paul Brown

            i was meaning the wound is far enough from her neck and away from the Jugular vain.

            i like your comment about anger things with sharp teeth

  • Blood

    Wow… bloody.

  • Rue


  • Rue

    Maybe the knife will stop the bleeding?

    • Samedi

      It would block off a fair bit of it – right up until someone pulls it out. So unless they’ve got some way of dealing with it then (pretty tricky if he’s bleeding into his chest) that probably wouldn’t do heaps of good.

  • Lua speak spanglish

    I always found it strange that a professional hunter Like seven, looks for wolves armed only with a knife, I don’t know everything about the hunts, but, depending on the animal, hunters are always armed with shotguns or a bow and arrow (which is a silent weapon)

    • Sarah

      I think her more useful weapons were probably strapped to her horse’s saddle (who ran away)

    • Rookamillion

      Yeah, Sarah’s probably right. With the type of hunting that Seven was planning on doing, a bow and arrow and a shotgun would have been useless. She probably had a rifle in her saddlebag when Dapper split. XD

  • Lauren Davia

    When will there be more. This actually put me in a bit of shock. I, to be honest, did not expect it. Please more. My Favorite Comic Ever.

    • Ahryanna

      If you need a distraction while you wait, you could always read Strays Online.
      It’s got good art, cute character interaction, fighting, and a pretty twisted plot. (It’s just a suggestion, you don’t need to listen to silly old me!)

  • Random

    GOD DAMNIT! Now Ragiho is dead nice job buddy!

    • Random

      Sorry about the launguage

      • Ahryanna

        That’s not the worse swearing you could’ve done, there was practically no reason to apologize! (If it helps, a kid in my sister’s class said “Excuse my language, but some DOOFUS stole my eraser and I’d like it back please!” xD)

  • 3R1N

    One month later…

    • Sixx

      They’re on a hiatus because of there motion comic. Look on the main page and be patient. Making comics is not easy, I know.

      • 3R1N

        I’m very aware of the hiatus. It’s the very first thing I see when I get onto the offwhite comic.
        I also know how hard it is to make a comic, sketch, draw, and color something professionally .
        Also, may I ask how exactly was I being impatient? I was simply saying that it had been a whole month from when they finished the page.
        Uneducated comments make me laugh, you’ve no idea how I was feeling or if I was even being impatient. Snide comments for likes and to seem like the bigger person.

  • CJ

    The suspense HAS killed me and this is my ghost.

    • Jessi

      Poor soul. We shall hold a vigil for you.

      • CJ

        Thanks! :)

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