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  • The Truth

    I can only say I wonder how this will end..,,,,something tells me that there is more to this page than meets the “eye”, i get the feeling like something is hidden in this page

  • The Truth

    And what does she mean when she says “he was right”?

    • InvisableDreamer22

      She means he was right about Iki being the white spirit wolf

      • The Truth


  • pyrusmist

    I wonder where Gebo is? I wander why the spells are going to the sun. Questions oh how I love you

    • MD_Comic

      idk where is Gebo is, but he’s a very submissive wolf so he’s probably hiding somewhere to stay out of the way. And the spells are going to the sun because Skoll is the god of the sun.

  • kiara scanlan

    … jera: GEGO HELP HES DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skoll:im sorry im not him :(

  • KMC

    I notice that in the “About” section, the authors mention there will be three volumes about 250 pages long. Does this mean we’re nearing the end of only the first volume? >w> Just something for everybody to think about.

    To the authors, if you guys check these comments: Once you finish the first volume, are you going to go back and redo all the previous pages before continuing with the next one? I’d love to see how some of the older pages will be redone. :D

    • Paul Brown

      yep, there only a few pages left in this volume. they have already started redoing some of the beginning pages to the off-white comic, if i remember right there going to fix up the older pages then there going to release this volume for sale.

      • Rue

        yeah they are redoing most of the first chapters

        • KMC

          My question is, once they get to a stopping point like the end of this volume, if they’ll completely halt continuing the story until after they’ve redone ALL the previous pages they plan on redoing. C: Or, if they’ll just keep releasing new pages and work on redoing older pages when they have time.

          • Rue

            when they redrew the prologue they stopped drawing the comic and just posted the re-drawn pages (I think it was one everyday or something)

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