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As you’ve probably noticed, during the last few months the updates were rather slow. Creating a free high-quality comic takes a lot of time and energy that we unfortunately had to put into our jobs and school. After a very long time and numerous discussions we’ve finally decided that maybe Patreon isn’t such a bad idea. After all even a few dollars per page will allow at least one of us to work a bit less over-time and concentrate on creating the comic!

You, our fabulous readers are what keep this project alive. Without your views, words of encouragement and helpful critiques we’d probably have abandoned the comic a long time ago. With pledges from you, we’ll be able to dedicate more time to the production of Off-White. There will be rewards for our patrons, too! We have a lot of sneak peeks and goodies to give to those of you who pledge!

Don’t worry – the comic is still 100% free to read for everyone and always will be. Think of our patreon as a tip jar for the artists.

Thank you very much for your support guys! We really appreciate every comment, every shipping war and every reaction gif you post. You’re doing a great job on keeping us motivated and we hope to deliver you best content possible.

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