Sketches #49 – Hati & Munin

hati munin small

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  • WolfNightV4X1

    Well I got a new computer lock screen wallpaper

  • WolfNightV4X1

    Seriously, this is absolutely adorable

  • Rebecca Petrelli

    ok, just kidding XD

    nice sketch.

    • Rebecca Petrelli

      wtf did i just do with the votes…i vote myself….stupid disqus! XD

    • flyteck

      Munin is a girl you know…

      • HutchTheLupe

        LOL!!! XDD

      • Jane Lon

        Really?! OO

        I didn’t know that… Seriously

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        REALLY? Oh gosh, I didn’t know that guys XD sorry XD

        • Shichibi

          No worries, they are both male XD.

      • shi

        from you know? O:

        • flyteck

          I swear I read it somewhere, but checking back, I actually can’t find it. So I could be wrong… but I’m almost certain it said she was a girl at some point or another.

          • AgentWhiteHawk

            Why the heck then, do they call each other brother?
            Top of this page XD

          • HutchTheLupe

            Hati and Skoll in the Nordic mythology, are brothers, sons of Fenrir, the big Wolf…or something like that.

          • flyteck

            I’m talking about Hugin and Munin the ravens, not Skoll and Hati the wolves ^^’

          • Shichibi

            Because they are brothers :3.
            All 4 (Munin, Hugin, Sköll and Hati) are male XD.

          • HutchTheLupe

            well Munin is the guardian of the memories, the Nordic mythology says Munin go arround the world collecting news for the God Odin…thats mean Munin is a gossip, is more close to a woman than a man XD

          • Shichibi

            Men gossipp as much as women do :P.
            And to assume Munin would be a girl, just because of that … is a bit uuh dunno ..
            Anyway, nope they are both male.

          • Rookamillion

            Amen! XD

      • flyteck

        Actually I might be wrong, I can’t find where I read it. But I don’t think I would have just assumed that… not positive; my memory is pretty bad.

        But if not I don’t think the gender is defined.
        (sorry about that guys >.>)

      • Shichibi

        I asked uuh I do not know which one of the artists anymore, but they said both Hugin and Munin are male.
        Even though, I personally thought Munin is female :P.

        I found the DA PM I’ve sent to akreon back then:

        • flyteck

          Okay, now I know! But I think Munin will always be a she in my mind… it’s like someone saying Iki is a girl and it being true to me XD Munin is my favourite character <3

        • Friskusis

          Actually, in Norse mythology one of them are female. c: At least that’s what I was taught.

          • Shichibi

            Huging and Munin were always male, especially since they are (in a lot of myths) a part of Odin himself.
            I.e. his mind and his thoughts.
            I cannot recall one myth that pictured one of them as a female so far o.O.

          • Friskusis

            We’ve obviously got different perspectives on the story. P: However, I read a story once about how Hugin and Munin nested and had an egg, which I obviously took as one of them being female (Munin). I have no idea where I read this though. Maybe there’s several versions?

            Anyway, they’re both male in this story, and I’ve accepted that… Even though I still view Munin as a female because of said reasons. :)

          • Friskusis

            The stories I’ve read have them as a male and a female though. I recall one were they flew off, nested and laid an egg. c: I checked on a Norwegian info site that said the two was a couple. I’ll stick to my story, and I’ll probably continue thinking Munin is a female, even in the comic… :P

      • Maxim Wolf

        it’s hard to tell the gender of birds sometimes with a first glance….but the story claims them both male so let’s just stick with that.

    • Tahja

      Love and affection are tangible, it doesn’t even have to be a sexual sense of love for Munin. This picture depicts them as having a very close relationship as shown here… and here…

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        Oh dear… guys….
        In that post , I wrote :
        “just kidding”
        IT’S JUST.
        A FUCKIN’.

        • basangi

          A misplaced joke. And bad jokes get bad reactions. You gotta bear with annoyed people when deciding to post something like that.
          Consequences :p

          • Rebecca Petrelli

            misplaced? There are hundred people posting images, meme and stuff under EVERY comic page.

            Bad joke? Well, I personally don’t think it is. These “annoyed people” are just stupid moralists. The only misplaced thing here is their attitude to innocent jokes.
            bye bye =P

            and sorry for my english

        • Tahja

          Sorry saw the seal and assumed. So sorry for my narrow-mindedness.

          • Rebecca Petrelli

            Don’t worry.
            Merry Christmas =)

          • Tahja

            Thanks. You too.

    • Poor Wolfie

      Fu**ing moron. -_- It’s just a true friendship, and you don’t have to spoil it with your sick pictures >:(

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        “sick pictures”?
        What the FUCK is your problem? That picture is JUST A FUCKING JOKE, OK? I know that they’re friends. IT’S JUST. A FUCKING. JOKE. A joke, you know? Oh no sorry you’re probably just a stupid brat :( aaaw.
        You’re the “fucking moron” here,
        bye bye jerk =P

    • Don’t Ruin the Fandom

      Stop trying to throw your yaoi and crack ships at us.

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        It’s just a joke D: I don’ t even like yaoi XD

      • Diznits


    • Maxim Wolf

      even though “gaaaaaaayyy” is gettin old (my brother won’t stop saying it at everything O.O) that was pretty funny ^^

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        Oh my god, a normal guy!! XD thanks!!

        • Maxim Wolf

          I’m a female XD

          • Rebecca Petrelli

            …a normal girl. Sorry, my bad XD

          • Maxim Wolf

            it’s okay ^^

    • Maxim Wolf

      Guys CALM DOWN! It’s just a joke! If she wasn’t joking she’d put something worse. yeesh….

    • Nobody

      I won’t lie… I kinda figured you were just using a quote from that TV show; Community. It’s an internet meme, now. >////<;;
      If I'm wrong, well, eh.

      Anyway, I think the picture's adorable and sweet, don't you?

      • Rebecca Petrelli

        It’s adorable, yeah =)

    • NoTeeth

      Hahaaha, I see what you did there. :P

  • Emareeree

    A-aaaaAAHHh so adorable…!

  • HutchTheLupe

    *-* i hope Munin survive after the enrage of Skoll :c

    • Helixwolf

      I hope so too

  • HutchTheLupe

    hey!, a random question! :D, if Hati and Skoll are the guards of the Moon and the Sun, Ask and Embla protect the barrier bettwen good and evil. What exactly protect Hugin and Munin? ._.?

    • Lady Rayne

      Hugin is “thought” and Munin is “memory”. Ask Wiki :)

      Btw, I L O V E T H A T P I C *melted*

      • HutchTheLupe

        uhh! :3 thanks!

  • flyteck

    OMG so cute ;u;

    Lovely sketch girls <3

  • Helixwolf


  • Ink_Raven

    Awwww!!! *U* That’s adorable! I think I found my new iPod wallpaper. :3

  • Lupa

    Hati has a heart! There is hope!

    • HutchTheLupe

      of corse he has one, the one which doesnt have one is Skoll

      • Shichibi

        Sköll has a heart, too and a very big one.
        Afterall it was HE who decided to help Askr and go and try to rescue human souls from being devoured and thusly eradicated forever.
        While Hati was like “who the fuck gives a shit, if a few hundred /grey souls/ die?”
        Indicating that the only ones he really, if at all, cares about are the black and white ones.

        What we see here, is just the same bond Sköll and Askr have.

        Besides that, Sköll never intented to kill Munin, his attack was directed at his brother.
        Also keep in mind that Hati threatened to kill Sköll’s pack and with that Hati’s own “stepbrother” (probably), too.

        • GoldenDragonART

          i dont think he/she meant to get a Whole story xD but i think its great that you said that, i love comments like yours

          • Shichibi

            Well, it is not a story :P, I simply backed up my Argument XD.
            Sure, I could have said “No, you are wrong, Sköll has a heart, too”, but that wouldn’t have explained why I have said it ;).
            P.S.: Back then when Sköll and Hati argued I posted double or triple Long comments and others answered with those lenghts.
            Kind of why i enjoy this community, we shared our thoughts in a deep explaining way XD.
            Not just like on Facebook: “Lol totally man. I think this happens” ;P

  • agentwhitehawk

    Awwww! Hati lovins all over Munin <3

  • Shichibi

    Such a cute picture <3333 , I wish we would get to see more of such ^^.
    I.e. past scenes of them spending time together or meeting again / building a friendship.

  • Sporterra


  • Tia

    So beautiful!

  • Jessi

    I’m gunna need you to calm down with evoking these feels, Akreon. I can’t handle this right now. ;A;

  • Tyra Nurleila

    Right in da feels.

  • Helixwolf

    Hati: You okay Munin?
    Munin: Yes Hati I’m okay.
    Hati: Sköll shall pay for this.

    • Dusty

      Skoll shall die a thousand horrible deaths, then write lines. “I will not attack ravens who are close buddies with Hati.”


      • Helixwolf

        Pure evil

  • Keftense

    This one picture is a story in itself. Love it!

  • SorryForMyBadEnglish

    awww… Yes, I think Hati is “good one”, but Skōl – “bad guy”. Because Skōl is like ice, but Hati – fire. So, Ice is much more evil than fire…


    • he

      Where r u from

  • Poor Wolfie

    poor Hati… Munin can’t come back so fast.. :(

    (email – pass – poorwolfie XD)

  • CJ

    Awwww that’s so cute! Skoll seems like the bad guy now :/

    • Suparrnova

      Technically, there is no bad guy. Yet.

      • Maxim Wolf

        that’s the beauty of this comic. It can also remind me of Princess Mononoke where there actually was no defined antagonist.

  • Stormy

    hm. Bit of a new dynamic to their relationship.

  • L3cargo

    asdfghjkl love this! <3

  • AmesGirl2345

    So beautiful

  • Aaron C. (Gehn)

    *Hati tastes* “Bleh! Still a bit on the crispy side. Don’t worry my friend! I’ll have your body in an un-fried, normal condition very soon! Just keep thinking happy thoughts and remain conscious for a few more hours…” *calls Miracle Max*

  • i am a random person

    Awww!! Now I’m even more sad Munin is gone,,,:'( why Skoll…why…

  • Sky Lily

    Eeeeeeeeeee so cute, and yet so well drawn! I’d hang this up in my house if I could, frame and everything.

  • thoughthelens

    simply touching ! btw i particularly like this texture you used, it’s so soothing somehow.Tanks for sharing :)

  • AlniyatCreatureCat

    So cute.

  • Cosmic Serpent a.k.a Huntress

    This could mean Munin will return. Bask, children, in the genius of Tankreon.

  • Friskusis

    Huginn ok Muninn
    fljúga hverjan dag
    Jörmungrund yfir;
    óumk ek of Hugin,
    at hann aftr né komi-t,
    þó sjámk meir of Munin.

    Hugin and Munin
    Fly every day
    Over all the world;
    I worry for Hugin
    That he might not return,
    But I worry more for Munin.

    It’s amazing how similiar Old Norse language is to Norwegian… I understood everything even without the translation. Anyway, I think this fits Hati perfectly! Especially by looking at this picture.

  • Maxim Wolf


  • HutchTheLupe

    i start to get bored, so i made this, i hope you like it X3
    (this is my high level of expertise in paint).

    • Helixwolf

      Damn it Hati

    • Maxim Wolf

      Hati don’t do it! D: Chocolate is poison to your kind!……..(and dogs and cats)

      • HutchTheLupe

        is a Coffee flavored ice cream , he need a lot of caffeine to find Skoll x3

  • VirusCore

    You know, I don’t think Skoll is really a bad person… I’ve noticed a lot of people kinda hating on Skoll. Honestly I can perfectly see were they are coming from. Im not a huge Skoll fan but it doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy for the character in general. His friend (the white human spirit) was mauled by a dragon and he too was killed in the fight. I’d be a little messed up if that happened to me… Killed by a dragon, fun. Anyways, Skoll had done and said a pretty large amount of messed up things too that he kinda… could of… controlled.. Soooooooooooo im kinda mad at the guy but not really. :T He said after all that he wants the world to die in darkness. Nice… But yeah, I can see where everyone is getting their opinions from and all that. So yeah… pretty much covered that. Alright. have a good one guyz.

    • Brony Pony

      I agree

    • Sind

      If I’m not mistaken Askr (The White Spirit) was wholly devoured by the white dragon, not just mauled.

    • Maxim Wolf

      I think Skoll is neither considered a “good” person nor a “bad” one. This seems to be one of the those stories similar to Princess Mononoke (as said below in further comments) where there isn’t actually a defined antagonist or protagonist. The characters seem to be going about the mission of solving an issue in their own way, which causes alot of conflict in between the characters. Raigho’s bringing Hati back his brother and trying to maintain the balance as well as caring for a pack, Skoll’s trying to cope, ending the world which probably would deploy his revenge on the dragons for devouring his friend the White Human Spirit, Hati’s attmepting to get Skoll back, and the Humans are looking for the key to maintain the balance, the farmers killed Othala’s pack to protect their flocks and income, Othala’s pack took the human’s sheep to prevent starvation of her pack. See what’s going on? I do agree though with Hati that Skoll’s irresponsibility is to blame for the whole catastrophe.

    • TheWolfsFate

      The feeling is actually neutral for me. I wouldn’t know what I would do if I were in that situation, so I honestly can’t blame him. :3

    • flyteck

      I actually like Skoll. I like Hati too. They just see thigns differently. Hati doesn’t want to give up on the world just yet; he thinks that they can still pull together and save it. Skoll realizes that the human race will die off with Askr, and then the wolves will too. And with no line between good and evil and no light, the rest of the world will probably go down in flames too. So he wants to chill and enjoy his last moments. Skoll isn’t hating on the world like a bunch of people seem to think; he just thinks trying to save it is futile.

      • VirusCore

        Very true. People don’t usually look past just what the characters actually “say” sometimes. Of course, we all do that. The views are neither “good” nor “bad” and that seems to be one of the most interesting parts of this comic.

  • CelticIrishSwordswoman

    Oh for the love of Christ, that is so- that looks so sweet!

  • Zephammo

    why dis?

    such feeels, man. I love the art and the emotion it evokes. Great work yet again.

  • Darkstar57

    Daz so pretty, I love the style so muccchhh. :3

  • Kurai The Wolf

    i love this sooo much

  • Seeker Wolf

    Talk about brotherly love. :)

  • GaaraXBlue

    Beautiful made O_O

  • Axuer

    i love this picture. its so cute and aborabuu~~~

  • WolfNightV4X1

    This is not on my desktop anymore but I still love it ^_^

  • Takeru Avila

    Aha! HatixMunin IS canon!

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